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093.365 ~ the good and the bad, and something inbetween.

TOTW ~ Faceless Fotos

FGR ~ Who the Frick are You?




Well. For one, I found it extremely endearing that FGR and TOTW should co-exist on such a format - to show who you are and yet without your face. Tempting goal.

I was also utterly determined not to photoshop myself in an unrealistic fashion (i.e. a slimming contortion that makes me look tall/attractively thin/etc.)

No photoshop today, just a filter. (a new fav, btw...hee hee)




I am many things. Those who know me, know I am far from perfect. I have been perfectly imperfect my whole life.

Perhaps this is why I do not preach.

I also do not judge. And I am the first person to give the benefit of the doubt.

Furthermore I almost always forgive the transgressions against me.


I have been the bitch that stabbed you in the back.

I have been the arms that helped pick up those who have been wounded.

I have been the best friend, and the worst enemy.

I have been needy, and I have been needed.

I have been broken, and I have helped heal.

I have been abused, I have been the abuser.

I have lost myself, I have helped others find themselves.

I have been happy, and I have caused happiness.

I have been a lover, and I have been loved.

I am not a perfect person; I am not a perfect woman; I am not a perfect anyone.


but I am the perfect K. me. myself. and I. good, bad, and inbetween.


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Taken on July 27, 2009