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074.365 ~ .quintessentially half dressed.

trademarks. *scoff*




TRP ~ Cross Processing Anonymous

FGR ~ Happy Blurry Shit in the Background Wednesday


I think I just called myself "shit" haha.

I started out with something....and fudge, it went to crap. (see outtake in comments)



But this ended up being pretty ironic.

I'm known for my socks, and legs, and poses.

And here I be. Only half of that.

Yet I'm still me.....right?


I'm gonna watch as this gets half the attention the leggy, indulgent poses do. I'm not bitter. Just stating a fact.


Why did I go and get all philosophical. Damn. Lol.


Night all,



Random Fact de jour: Two days of work and then I'm on vacay.

Holy Sh!t, I need it. *cartwheels*




*picks herself up after falling over mid-cartwheel*

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Taken on July 8, 2009