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After the Party **THANK YOU** For Visiting! Please Visit Again Through Nov. 1 | by Kara Trapdoor
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After the Party **THANK YOU** For Visiting! Please Visit Again Through Nov. 1

I was on top of the moon! Thanks to everyone who came to the Haunted Castaway Island opening day parties! Please visit for lots of interactive fun through Nov. 1. Thanks to all the opening day party visitors: Eliza Wierwight, Cherry Ravinelli, HKM Bookmite, cecilia Levasseur, Hilary Faith, Taylor Faith, SagX Lionheart, GuitarPig Resident, Stalota Static, Claudia222 Jewell, Arturo Martinsyde, Celeste Python, Bloomy Miles, Renee Parks, Teagan Zarco, Krystyn Mureaux, Rory Serpente, Nate Starsider, jhaesoph Foxdale, Marchioness, Resident Karabella Veliz, Sugar Silverstar, Genius Alenquer, cwenmaria Abeyante, Arioch Snowpaw, Portia Lytton, Bryn Oh, spieceyG12 Resident, Arrow Inglewood, Sabre Swords, Jewel Appleetor, Samantha Hellmann, LEON Matfield, Franklyn Constantine, Naxos Loon, Michiel Bechir, Mia Pleides, Merlynn Guardian, Wrath Rufus, Musique Gable, Roiben Sweetwater, Adriane Munro, Aida Lundquist, Emma Portilo, pixel Reanimator, Gina Broono, Apmel ibbetson, Dividni Shostakovich, Cage Yue, Kathy Nikolaidis, Aynesleigh Violet, Persia Bravin, JohnMcQueen Resident, Sue Hunniton, Mishe Mactavish, BlaiseJoshua Resident, Sasha Silvershade, Briona Flatley, Sepp Schimmer, Serina Galaxy, foehammer25 Resident ks Spitteler, ush Underwood, Lynn Rae, Riley Ulrik, Phideaux Mayo, Sehlly70 Resident, Da5id Neiro, Fiona Kappler, Josie Anderton, Ertina Loopen, Kandisnky Beaumont, Rage Moonstoone, Gatsby Difference, dakillakm Resident, Burly Tigerpaw, Tessa Zailvstok, and of course me and co-owner Toogy Restless. (and all the ppl i missed)

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Taken on September 16, 2012