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Noordelijk Pinksterkamp (NPK) 2010

An orthographic kite aerial photograph of one of the Scouting camps of the Northern Dutch Whitsun jamboree of 2010, held in Marnewaard, Groningen. Now in its 80th year.


The image is comprised of 81 individual photographs, taken with a Panasonic DMC-LX3 that was lifted by a kite. Total number of pics I took was 340 and it took a lot of walking about to shoot them all.

If my PC had enough memory, this could be a 900 megapixel image. As it is, it's about 100 megapixels. Flickr only allows me to upload a version that's been downsized to about 37.7 megapixels. Still, plenty of detail in that. Do have a look at the large version.

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Uploaded on May 22, 2010