The LAH is one of the oldest and most well-respected Waffen-SS reenacting unit in this country. It has the highest degree of excellence in both personnel and impression standards. With well over one-hundred and fifty re-enactors on its rolls, the "Leibstandarte" is also one of the largest reenacting units in existence. Members are represented throughout the United States with new members joining frequently.

It is the members of the unit that make the LAH second-to-none.
Every member endeavors to live up to the motto "Meine Ehre Heißt Treue". If you are unaccustomed to this phrase, it translates into "My Honor is Loyalty", which was also the motto of the original Waffen-SS. Veteran members of the unit strive to assist fledgling members with anything they might need. This assistance might range from loaning a Anwarter a stahlhelm for his first battle to making sure he finds transportation to the events. More experienced LAH members will also assist you in fine-tuning your impression and give you helpful hints on collecting new items for use in the field. No LAH man ever stands alone.

If you enjoy field craft and battle reenactment, the "Leibstandarte" is always in the thick of the action. Being a senior unit, it is often called upon to become the nucleus for Kampfgruppes during battle. The unit is well-armed for this task. The LAH is equipped with the best equipment, from the Kar98K to the MG42. The vehicle section is equipped with vehicles such as Panzerspäwagen 222s, Schutzenpanzerwagen 251 Semi-tracks, a Sturmgeschütz assault gun, Kübelwagens, Schwimmwagens and BMW Zundapp motorcycles. Several battles are attended by the LAH annually, throughout the United States.

If you enjoy the tradition of the German military, then the LAH is the unit for you. All "Leibstandarte" members are required to have the proper uniform for their rank and occupational specialty. Awards are given for those unit members who earn them from the Infantry Assault Badge to the Kuban Shield. There is a stringent system for earning awards in the LAH, however, so don't expect to earn a Knight's Cross with Oak Leaves and Swords after your first event! If you enjoy German food, it is often served at many of the events, usually after the last battle.

Things to Consider Before Applying to the "Leibstandarte"

The most important thing to consider before joining the unit is, the LAH is an APOLITICAL reenactment unit. No form of racism, bigotry or hate-mongering is tolerated within the unit. Anyone displaying any of this sort of attitude will be immediately expelled from the unit. The "Leibstandarte" purpose is to reenact the average Waffen-SS soldier, not brown shirted SA men or Einsatzgruppen. If that is your interest, then you should look elsewhere. The LAH is also NOT a para-military or any sort of militia. Although we do study the combat tactics of the Waffen-SS, it is for the purpose of reenacting only. Live ammunition is never used and safety for all re-enactors of any nation is always paramount. WW2 reenacting is a physical activity, so make sure to take this into consideration.
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