• Roughly 10mm

Necron Lord

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OK, it's quite obvious this close up that it's a Chaos Space Marine commander painted with metallic colours. You'll just have to take my word for it that he's a Necron Lord. In HOTT terms he is a Cleric.

The army looks like it's supposed to from two feet away, which is the distance most people will see it at on the table

Behind him is the brooding presence of an Abattoir; an Airboat in HOTT*

*And, yes, that's not strictly correct according to the semi-official Games Workshop fluff. But I'm free to make up bits I want to here. So there.

  1. Craig B 73 111 months ago | reply

    What a cool hobby.

    (Does that make me sound nerdy??)

  2. Kaptain Kobold 111 months ago | reply

    : Not at all. And, anyway, nerdy is good :-)

  3. Darth Phil 111 months ago | reply

    These look fantastic!

    I bet they play like a dog though...

  4. Kaptain Kobold 111 months ago | reply

    : Well, their core is the same as Space Marines (six blades), and they have some decent support from riders, behemoths and beasts. I don't see them being any worse than the Marines or Chaos.

    Now Eldar suck big time :-)

  5. PandoraCaitiff 111 months ago | reply

    Funnily enough my old 40K Necron Lord was a lightly-converted Chaos Commander - Ahriman to be exact :)

    Eldar work fine. I've got a force of jetbikes (riders) and wraithguard (blades) supported by a god (avatar)

  6. Kaptain Kobold 111 months ago | reply

    : Perhaps I should qualify that; Eldar under my Epic HOTT lists suck :-)

    I created specific army lists for each WH40K faction, with a compulsory core of troops that captures their 'traditional' setup - basically 12AP of your army are fixed. This is the core for teh Eldar:

    1 God (Avatar)
    1 Magician General (Warlock)
    2 Hordes (Guardians)
    1 Blade or Warband (Aspect Warriors)

    The resto of the army seems to end up as Riders, with perhaps an extra Blade or Warband, but regardless they seem to lose a lot. Perhaps it's just me :-)

  7. PandoraCaitiff 111 months ago | reply

    Ah-ha I see. My lists are based on what figures I've got.

    The Eldar I inherited had loads of jetbikes and Vypers, so my regular epic armies always had plenty of Wind Rider Hosts. Hence my EpicHOTT force does too.

  8. Kaptain Kobold 111 months ago | reply

    : Whereas I don't have enough jetbikes - well, not enough to do the Dark Eldar force I'm planning anyway. I need some kind of proxy, or a session on eBay I think.

  9. Craig B 73 111 months ago | reply

    You 3 are very good then ;o)

  10. Darth Phil 111 months ago | reply

    I probably have some spare jetbikes.

    What do you need?

  11. Kaptain Kobold 111 months ago | reply

    : At a rough estimate, about 16-17 (it's irrelevant as to whether they are the one-man or two-man ones either); I'm looking at a lot of riders for this army :-)

  12. Darth Phil 111 months ago | reply

    I'll see what I can do for you. I think that should be easy enough.

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