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12/11/2008 (Day 2.317) - Licence To Drive | by Kaptain Kobold
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12/11/2008 (Day 2.317) - Licence To Drive

If you stay in NSW for any length of time, and want to drive, then you have to get a NSW driving licence. How easy this is to do for us immigrants depends on what sort of licence you currently have. Having one in English helps. Having one from the UK really helps - to get a NSW one you just fill out a form. Other licences require you to take all or part of the NSW driving test (I would assume, for instance, that people from the US or Canada have to show that they can drive on the left :-) )


Anyway, Catherine and I duly filled out the paperwork, handed over some cold, hard cash and got shiny new driving licences in return. Here's mine, with bits suitably blurred to deter stalkers.


Interesting fact: You *have* to carry your licence with when driving here. None of this 'reporting to a police station within three days' stuff - if the Police stop you and you don't have you licence on you there's Big Trouble. And you're more likely to get stopped here; not only will they pull you over for the usual stuff (speeding, mowing down pedestrians or missing a brake-light), but every so often they do random breath tests as well. We got stopped in Northern Territory for one of those. At 10am on a Sunday morning. Says a lot about drinking culture in NT :-)



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