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I've been wanting to do a Lego version of this image for a while, and today's FGR Demotivational Poster day seemed a perfect excuse for a slogan I used on another Lego picture a couple of years ago.

A year ago today I travelled in time.

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  1. sef_lopod 71 months ago | reply

    I had nothing much else to read for a while last holidays and finally started reading someone else's copy of The God Delusion (from the due to be chucked out pile). At least I think it was that book. It was dull - a mixture of belabouring the point and failing to explain as well or succinctly as I would put things. I gave up the bother after some number of pages of tedium and wanting to write corrections into it.

    Atheism is blindingly obvious (to the intellectually competent and honest, anyway). Whereas science is actually interesting. Not that I've read Dawkins on biology either - since he wasn't part of the curriculum back when I was at university and I can't see him having much to add when merely rehashing the basics (rather than doing new research).

  2. †Brickserker 71 months ago | reply

    Oh. I might find something else to read then. Mail me some suggestions maybe. Still, it's hard to tell someone who's talked to God all his life that He doesn't exist.

  3. sef_lopod 71 months ago | reply

    It's only the same as explaining to people who've written letters to Santa Claus that he doesn't exist. Or, for the more extreme cases, like explaining to any sort of delusional person that the voices (and sometimes visions?) in their heads aren't real external entities but instead are merely internal manifestations of brain malfunctions.

    Note that there are some people who liked (and benefited from) reading The God Delusion (or claim to have done). So there's always the possibility that you happen to be among whatever its target market is. If there's a copy easily to hand somewhere around you, you could still consider trying it.

  4. Kaptain Kobold 71 months ago | reply

    : I'd read Edgar Rice Burroughs' Martian novels instead, and skip the atheist literature altogether; personally I find militant atheists are almost as appalling as creation scientists. More honest, it has to be said, but far less entertaining.

    If you insist on reading Dawkins, then try 'The Ancestor's Tale'; he preaches in that, but at least there's some interesting science in the other 95% of the book. Otherwise I'd still recommend Miller's 'Finding Darwin's God', or you could have a go at 'Life's Solution' by Simon Conway Morris. Both authors are Christians.

  5. Landscapeben 71 months ago | reply

    I feel terribly empassioned to contradict some of the falices of this page expressed as fact through the mouths of accusers. However I do not have the time currently, and as such will limit myself to saying that in addition to reading CS Lewis' Christian apologetics a phenomenaly good read (and one that I would advise bloody_wolf to read with the other mentioned books), is Philip Yancey's "Rumours of another world: what on earth are we missing?"

  6. Kaptain Kobold 71 months ago | reply

    I have decided to make things challenging here.

    (i) No person will be allowed to post more than one comment per week on this picture.
    (ii) No links will be allowed in the comment.
    (iii) The comment must be in the form of a single haiku - 17 syllables, in the form 5-7-5.

    These rules will apply until they cease to amuse me, at which point I will come up with some new ones.

    Any comment in breach of these rules will be deleted.

    Have fun.

  7. Kaptain Kobold 71 months ago | reply

    Captured Light wrote two haikus. BZZZZZZ! Deleted!

    Additional rules:

    (iv) If your comment is deleted, you are allowed another go until you get it right.
    (v) The rules don't apply to me. Live with it.

  8. Kaptain Kobold 71 months ago | reply

    : You could have written:

    I know you'll delete
    This but you're a very
    Funny man - Landscapeben

    And then I wouldn't have deleted it.

  9. Rick Post Photography 71 months ago | reply

    Stickler for the rules
    Kaptain Killing Creation
    Haiku must evolve

  10. Kaptain Kobold 70 months ago | reply

    : "'evolution' is still a THEORY!!! "

    As is gravity and the existence of electrons. Welcome to the world of real science. I have deleted your comment as it fails to follow the rules outlined above.

  11. Lego Monster 70 months ago | reply

    Does god exist? No.
    Well how is it that I know?
    Evolution shows.

  12. EdavidC 70 months ago | reply

    'God' is another word for the universe.

    so many stupid people here, not believing in the universe.

    Does God exist? Yes.
    well how is it that I know?
    Evolution shows.

  13. Lego Monster 70 months ago | reply

    Your point is just wrong
    and your post not a Haiku,
    now I'm off to bed.

  14. Kaptain Kobold 70 months ago | reply

    : I will allow the non-haiku bits to remain, as the haiku amuses me. Don't do it again.

  15. нawк 70 months ago | reply

    I will allow the
    non-haiku bits to remain.
    Don't do it again.

  16. Kaptain Kobold 70 months ago | reply

    While Genesis fails
    Evolution does not prove
    God's non-existence

    Note that no mention
    of evolution is made
    Within this picture

  17. sef_lopod 69 months ago | reply

    Does Lego not do
    Any kind of a fig-leaf,
    Only a dark thong?

  18. AnNamir™ c[_] 66 months ago | reply

    Thanks for playing the "MOST/LEAST" contest at
    ...-Wink's Place-...

  19. Kaptain Kobold 66 months ago | reply

    : I wasn't awatre that it was a contest. And your comment should have been in the form of a haiku :-)

  20. sef_lopod 66 months ago | reply

    Ah, but then that would
    have required such a poster
    to have read the thread.

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