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30/11/2007 (Day 365) - So Long, And Thanks For All The Fish And Chips | by Kaptain Kobold
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30/11/2007 (Day 365) - So Long, And Thanks For All The Fish And Chips

Fish and chips at my brother's in Birmingham.


So that's it. My 365 Days project has come to an end. Whether I'm a better photographer, or even a better person, at the end of it remains to be seen. I think I have learned a lot about composing, taking and editing pictures during the past year, if nothing else. I also have a much better idea of what I look like :-)


I could do a long review of my year here, documenting important events and so forth, but I'm not. It's been a special year in a number of ways, and I have tried to reflect that in my 365 pictures whenever I can, sometimes in an obvious way, and other times more candidly. Some shots will mean more to some people than they will to others.


Since I work in IT, and could therefore be considered analytical, I will do some dull statistics instead.


I did 365 pictures over 365 days. Fairly obvious, I think.


There are two screenshots, and one picture taken on a mobile phone. One picture was taken with my wife's camera. All of the others (361 pictures) were taken with my venerable Fuji Finepix F401.


All of my pictures were taken in the UK. 357 of them were taken in England, 8 in Wales. Most were taken in or around Staines, which should come as no surprise as that's where I live. Just over 230 of them were taken in or around my house. Outside of Staines, Birmingham, London and Pembroke count for the majority of shots, the first because that's where my family live, the second because of proximity and the third because that's where we went on holiday this year.


For the geographically minded:


Most Northerly shot: Day 163 (Burton Upon Trent)


Most Southerly shot: Day 209 (Exmouth)


Most Westerly shot: Day 257 (Just off Ramsey in Pembrokeshire)


Most Easterly shot: Day 124 (Greenwich; the only time my 365 project strayed out of the Western hemisphere, and then only one foot)


At the time of writing my most interesting 365 picture is Day 136, and my least interesting is Day 6. However you can see all of my 365 pictures ordered by Interestingness here. It's something I like doing, if only to puzzle out why some shots seem to have 'made it' and others haven't.


Again, at the time of writing Day 129 is my most viewed 365 image, although it may have been the victim of a view count bug that happened earlier this year, so I can't be sure if the count is real.


Day 86 has got the most favourites, whilst Day 334 garnered the most comments. Both shots were last minute efforts that took far less time to do than you think they might have done. Compare with Days 201 and 300 on which I spent at least two hours each; almost certainly the most work that went into any of my 365 images.


Thank you to the various friends and family who have consented to appear in my pictures over the year, and thank you to everyone who has commented on pictures or marked them as favourites. I've made a number of new Flickr friends doing this project, and that's really what it's all about.


Will I do another year? Not yet. I'm going to take a break from long-term Flickr projects for a while, I think. That's the plan, anyway. I may find something worth having a go at next week, and start then and there. But probably not. We'll see. I shall continue to follow the 365 Days projects of others, of course. They're too good to miss.


This is Kaptain Kobold, signing off after 365 Days.




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Uploaded on November 30, 2007