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Lumix LX3 intervalometer | by KAP Cris
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Lumix LX3 intervalometer

This is my solution for remote interval shooting with the Panasomic LX3. My objective: have the LX3 shoot at 10-second intervals while mounted on the top of a 10-meter-long pole or suspended from a kite.


The LX3 lacks a wired or infrared remote capability so my approach was to add a "psuedo finger" moved by a model aircraft servo. The timing and servo management are handled by a Gent360 Servo ( ), a tiny circuit that rotates the servo arm through a 45 degree swing every ten seconds. The circuit and servo are powered by a 4.8 VDC 2/3 AAA battery pack.


The three components are fixed to a small strip of aluminum that is mounted to the LX3 hot shoe and held in place by friction. Total weight for the intervalometer with battery is 2-1/4 oz. (64 grams). Works the charm.


I have posted examples on Flickr from my first month's work with the Lumix LX3:mounted on a handheld, 10-meter-long, carp fishing pole:


and you can see the pole bracket here:


Addendum: In order to use the remote for photographs that have a decisive moment I have adapted an inexpensive wireless doorbell to serve as a "shoot now" override for the intervalometer. Press the doorbell and the camera will take three quick shots.


In the meantime, James Gentles has introduced a new product in support of this approach -- the gentled autoFINGER. This variant of the GentLED series provides an easily adjustable interval (3-30 seconds) for the servo's movement and provision for manual override through switch closure. See:


I ran a test with the 4.8 VDC 2/3 AAA 370 mAh NiMH battery pack. It cycled the intervalometer for 25 hours or the equivalent of 9,000 exposures. The little 1/3 AAA pack should work just fine.


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Taken on December 31, 2008