Karak Highway

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    a panorama..created from 4 pieces of photos, using Autopano-SIFT and Hugin.
    and at last i managed to upload the large version! or this..

    this is all inspired by these guys! gadl,manu,sbprzd....

    1. - Luie - 99 months ago | reply

      Rajin ngko redah naik bukit tuh!!

      Ni teknik amender plak ngko gilakan neh...
      Asyik kunin jer gambarnyer..

    2. empTV 99 months ago | reply

      hari tu, balik cuti raya cina...aku ikut jalan lama,terjumpa la satu lorong kat semak tepi jalan tu.tengok2 terbentang luas karak highway!!! ape lagi sawan laa...hehehe..banyok jugok subjek/view yg cantik..monyet,kuil,jalan yang mcm ular kena palu..Initial D punya trek!! gambar ni dicantum dari 4 gambar..yg lain tu edit la dengan Picasa je..fakeHDR..konon2nya...

      tool yg aku guna;
      1.Autopano-SIFT, nak buat contol point untuk semua 4 gambar tu..pastu
      2.Hugin,untuk createkan panorama!
      yg lain tu guna the gimp sikit, firework sikit..last sekali adjust color kat Picasa.

    3. AKidd 99 months ago | reply

      wow, thats really great! you convinced me, I'll rey out the program as soon as can.

    4. AKidd 99 months ago | reply

      Bad news... I've been looking for the programs for Mac but theres only a Windows version and a Linux version. I'll keep looking though.
      Take care!

    5. Khairul✪ 99 months ago | reply

      nice shot man..

    6. empTV 99 months ago | reply

      Google is running Summer of Code (SoC) program this year again. It is a Google's program that offers student developers stipends to write code for various open source projects. Here is some more information.

      Some or most of you use hugin — an open source panorama tools GUI. This year hugin developers apply to Google SoC, so that a couple of new bright and shiny features could make their way to source code and make everyone benefit from it.

      However, there are gazillion open source projects out there and Google team is interested in helping most demanded projects. Thus, if you use hugin and you want more new features this year, we ask you to stand up and say Hi :-), which adequates to visiting wiki.panotools.org/SoC2007_Supporters and leaving your name and proof that you are hugin's user (a link to a gallery should work).

      Whether hugin will be accepted and how many projects will be sponsored very much depends on your involvement.

      Thank you!

      Sincerely yours,
      hugin's SoC organization administrators

    7. Sir Mart Outdoorgraphy™ 81 months ago | reply

      Excellent Panorama shot! You're Invited to join:
      Panorama Malaysia Flickr Group

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