3d pan white

that bridge again

It was an afternoon of experimentation, probably all of us trying to do something different to each other and to Joel and trying to push each other. This is my longest ever daytime exposure at 12 minutes and to be honest its probably the limits of what my camera can do in terms of noise - not to mention the drain on the battery. It was taken a little way down the bank from everyone else. Had tried some closer shots at 200mm but given this bridge is sooo long the wider angle suited it much better I think. Taken in fading light with the sun setting behind me.


I used a new set of Hitec grads for my recent shots and have been surprised at the colour casting I'm getting, for this actually pleasantly surprised, the shot is pretty usable straight out of the camera (albeit with a bit of noise reduction), but other times it can be really hit and miss what colour comes out, and there doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason really.


If you're interested there's a colour version of this albeit not the 2:1 crop on my blog here


I've recently moved Flickr Accounts - you can see my new work here: Giles McGarry new Flickr Page


Much better large on black - hit 'L'


Nikon D300

10-20mm @ 20mm

12 minutes @ F13

ND110 Filter + 0.9 ND Grad (Soft) + 0.3 ND Grad (Soft)

ISO 400



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Taken on November 6, 2010