• This is a sun. Normally, in Sweden this means warm. Not in Spain :-D
  • This is a snowflake. in sweeden it means being cool. in NEW MEXICO, it means being under 6 feet of snow.
    yes New Mexico, USA - indrora

How do I get the room colder?

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This was located in our room. It was 24 degrees Celsius when got there, and it's a bit too much. We decided to turn on the AC, but it only came hot air!!! The bottom lever had to be on the SUN (left) position (hot!) for the AC to produce cold air! Isn't that opposite to what it should be everywhere else in the world? Maybe they mean that "if the sun is up and it's hot, move the lever to the sun" and vice versa...
Edit: This was #487 in Flickr Explore of feb 2006

  1. Plutor ages ago | reply

    Sun? It looks like a (badly drawn) snowflake to me, the virtually universal symbol of A/C.

  2. kanngard ages ago | reply

    The one to the left (hard to see), the red one, is a sun.

  3. kanngard ages ago | reply

    Thanks for blogging it, Mark :-)

  4. codeman38 ages ago | reply

    Wow, that is surprisingly nonintuitive.

  5. Silversands ages ago | reply

    Red is HOT and Blue is COLD the same as water taps!

  6. kanngard ages ago | reply

    Usually they are, yes. Not in this case though as I wrote above.

  7. drkmirror ages ago | reply

    Sounds like it was miswired

  8. oneonthehouse ages ago | reply

    It wasn't miswired. When I was in the Mid-East last year on business(Army), the guys and I were confused too. All of our AC/heating units were labeled that way. It's just a non-North American way of marking it. It's marked for the weather, not what you want it to be.

  9. kanngard ages ago | reply

    Aha! Maybe it's not broken then!

  10. upwardmultimedia ages ago | reply

    Your notes are broken. Why did you refer to Spain and New Mexico (in addition to Sweden of course) while talking about only one A/C control?

  11. kanngard ages ago | reply

    I was referring to only one A/C control since that was the only one I got "hands on" with in Spain. And I posted the image to get some comments, to see if it really was broken, or if we have different symbols for different regions (which looks to be the case).
    But it's kind of strange, to have a sun and a snow flake meaning the OUTSIDE weather. It would be like having red on the cold water tap, since I am hot, and blue for hot water, since I am cold. But that is another deep question ;-D

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