50$ Film Camera (first roll)

The Olympus Pen EES-2 is basically a very compact half frame viewfinder camera.

Half the fun is (pardon the pun) the ability to make two expositions on a regular 35mm frame: To put it simply, this camera will duplicate the number of expositions on your film!

This ability is also useful to think your photographs as diptychs rather than isolated pictures, this opens up the field for very creative ideas.

It's small size and sturdy construction also makes it a perfect "carry everywhere" camera.


Once you loaded the film and set the corresponding ASA number (this is done via the rotating ring near the lens front) you are ready to shoot pictures, to focus you guesstimate the distance to your target and set the focus ring accordingly, there are symbols to simplify this task (as in the Lomo Smena Symbol).

The minimum focusing distance is 1mt wich is represented by a torso and can be used for personal portraits. the other zones are 1.5mt, 3mt and infinity.

Behind the focus ring lies the aperture ring, this camera has fully metered auto exposure via a battery less selenium photometer (the wavy, bubbly ring that surrounds the lens). So

you can left the aperture ring set in AUTO and fire away. The camera will then choose the correct aperture (from 2.8 to 22) and one of the only two available shutter speeds (1/40 and 1/200). In auto mode the system will prevent you from taken underexposed pictures by locking the shutter and showing a red flag in the viewfinder.

It also features a flash hot-shoe for night time shots.


This camera has a D Zuiko 30mm lens, with a maximum aperture of 2.8. It takes very crisp and vivid photos that rival those produced with more expensive / sofisticate equipment.

Personal evaluation.

The Olympus Pen EES-2 is a very fun camera to use, it's built to last and the picture quality does not dissapoint. Overall I highly recommmend it!
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