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Something to Share.

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South Bank, Brisbane, Australia.


It's not often I post more than a single shot from a shoot.... but the fog in the city last week was so ... special, I feel I need to share it.


As I was shooting, I couldn't help but notice, the people around me just continued on with their mornings, as if nothing special was happening, not a single person paused to take in this beautiful scene.


That's what I love about Photography.... the ability to capture a moment and share it with others. I call this 'Something to Share'




- Canon 50D.

- ISO 100, f8, 1/400, 10mm.

- Sigma 10-20mm.




- Saturation and Contrast in Photoshop 6.0 and Lightroom 2.2.


About Mist


Mist is a phenomenon of small droplets suspended in air. It can occur as part of natural weather or volcanic activity, and is common in cold air above warmer water, in exhaled air in the cold, and in a steam room of a sauna. It can also be created artificially with aerosol canisters if the humidity conditions are right.


Mist makes a beam of light visible from the side via refraction and reflection of the suspended water droplets.




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Taken on May 5, 2010