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Best of both Worlds.

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I needed some colours! ..... and some blacks... so here is a shot from the vault.... complete with the black border from the days of old.


From what I'm told, there has been some nice sunsets of late, too bad my Ute is off the road (due to me hitting a Kangaroo last weekend, yes they are wild in the west.... (for all you non AU contacts out there))


So, its not like me to miss out on the party, so I've produced one from the vault...


*Image name taken from my MSN conversation with David de Groot*




- Canon 50D.

- ISO 100, f22, 1/2 second, 10mm.

- Sigma 10-20mm.

- Tripod.

- Cokin p121 Medium Grad.




- Saturation and Contrast in Photoshop 6.0 and Lightroom 2.2.


About Last Light (Dusk)


Dusk is the beginning of darkness in the evening. It is often confused with sunset, which is the daily disappearance of the sun below the horizon. The sky generally remains bright and blue for some time after the sun sets. This period is known as twilight. Dusk is the end of the evening civil twilight.

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Taken on December 21, 2009