• D: My leg - thebrickbear
  • Got a better solution?
  • I dunno. I don't have the parts to actually test it out but, if I could, maybe some snot. - thebrickbear
  • I wonder if there is a better way to make this connection, other than the rubber band - dWhisper
  • I replaced this with a 3L off the weightlifter minifig. - dWhisper
  • Open to suggestions
  • This is just a cut piece of LEGO tubing. I need to flush it back to the hand a bit more.
  • I used the 3L bar, and it's just a hair longer than the hand width. You can't put both hands down with the helmet you've used, but I think it looks nicer. - dWhisper
  • EL wire runs through here and through the two 1x1 plates
  • on my white one i just left this off completly and it looks quite good - Artyben
  • that connection is most definitely already SNOT. - curtydc
  • Hmmm... ;) - Lazer Blade
  • I was lazy. I could have cut the EL wire and solder here to merge so that it was a perfect circle before passing it back. Meaning each wheel would have 4 separate EL parts solder to a main line, but I found it easier to twist and pass without cutting. Plus this let me use one continuous wire. I just recieved the 3x3 invert radar dishes. With these added to the wheels you can't see this anymore, which was my original thought.


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This is a custom TRON Legacy Lightcycle (Cycle build was designed by Ewok in Disguise).

Ewok was kind enough to post instructions, which I used to build this one (check out his work: here). I did not have all the required parts so this has some subsitutions. I have Bricklink orders incoming to fix this issue.

What I did next was actually light the cycle up. The wheel wells and round bricks in the middle of the bike are not photoshopped, this is actual ILLUMINATION from a product called EL wire that has been added to the cycle.

The only photoshopping done was to add the background.

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  1. Alex Mac. 32 months ago

    I must say, it's the best I've seen so far.

  2. intrond 32 months ago

    I didn't think that it could be improved but yes it can! Nicely done.

  3. Fine Clonier 32 months ago

    Again, thanks guys, glad you like the mod. I am very pleased with it and am now debating making a series of these with EL streaming out to make the trails.

  4. Catsy [CC] 32 months ago

    I'd love to see that. I wish I'd known about these wires when I was on my Tron blacklight kick last year.

  5. ChocoBricks Customs 32 months ago

    Doooooooooooo it. :O

  6. Fine Clonier 32 months ago

    These wires are the very same that they used to light the costumes for the film.

    I have parts on order to create more cycles, so all in good time.

  7. StoryWriter 32 months ago

    D: So we'll see a CLU maybe..?

  8. Fine Clonier 32 months ago

    CLU has been created:

  9. Catsy [CC] 32 months ago

    It would be awesome if you could make phosphorescent decals, but I'm sure that is far from easy or cheap to do. When I did my figs I had to use GitD and fluorescent paints and a blacklight.

  10. megzter1 32 months ago

    Sweet! Looks just like my Tron die-cast cycle.

  11. Let There Be More Light 32 months ago

    Will you repost the instructions? My son would be all over this.

  12. Fine Clonier 32 months ago

    Third post on this photo has the link to the instructions

  13. Hobbestimus 32 months ago

    Oh, wow. Love this.

  14. Satorare 31 months ago

    Woah! =8-O

  15. FateHeart 29 months ago

    Brick Busters has asked me to inform you that this is on Cuusoo most likely without your consent:

  16. megzter1 28 months ago

    Thanks for spotting this guys! I wasn't aware of it.



  17. ka.lego 23 months ago

    Thank for the heads up. This is pretty awesome.

  18. xenolego 23 months ago

    Is it self contained?

  19. Fine Clonier 23 months ago

    No, see the latest BrickJournal for how it was done

  20. xenolego 23 months ago

    The latest one I got was the Steampunk issue....but I'll look into buying the next one......

    BTW: did you know that Brickjournal is sold at Legoland?

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