• Love the detail here. - Strykǝr
  • Thanks. Getting the wrinkles were tough. Really tried to nail the head as it is presented in the other announcement photo I originally showed the piece with.
  • I think you did a good job but it'll be too bad that the wrinkles will be covered with his hat! - Strykǝr
  • That is why I will offer both versions, With and without the hat

Cad Bane Front

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Cad Bane custom head created by Jared K. Burks (Kaminoan). This is the prototype, the final will be cleaned up a bit more.

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  1. Strykǝr 84 months ago | reply

    I love the detail. Any pictures of Cad Bane's hat / breathing apparatus yet, or are you just getting to that part?

  2. Fine Clonier 84 months ago | reply

    This part is needed to create the others. This is a prototype that I am cleaning up and I have started the hat, but not the other parts, yet. Hopefully I will have the hat finished up in about a week. All depends on the holidays. He looks much better in person. The blue on blue makes it tough to see some of the details. For my personal version I will likely take a darker blue paint and cover the eye brows just to get them some depth. Only slightly darker than the head. This blue is almost a dead on match for LEGO blue.

  3. Strykǝr 84 months ago | reply

    You have to post what paint you used for the head and when you do the eyebrows, the near match with LEGO's blue is a HUGE plus. I have been wanting to make a Cad Bane for awhile and I have an idea that might work pretty well and your head with the other accessories will be perfect for what I want to do.

    Do I also smell some Cad Bane decals in the work?

  4. Acrid Daiquiri 84 months ago | reply

    I'm really digging this, Duros are among my favorite Starwars aliens. Will there be a few heads like this, with out the breathing apparatus, available for purchase sometime?

  5. JamesW. 84 months ago | reply

    Looking great. Are the eyes redder in person or is that something you'll be changing?

  6. JasBrick 84 months ago | reply

    To me this looks perfect... this head without Hat already looks amazing and I hope these see production.

  7. Fine Clonier 84 months ago | reply

    Thanks guys, the sculpt came together a bit faster than I figured it would.

    Yes Cad Bane Decals are in the works as are a few other items.

    The paint is a simple Testor's paint pack I found on clearance a few years ago. It has 10ish shades in little flip top containers with a few custom mixing areas that are all attached together. It is only 1/4 of an ounce of each color I believe, but that is plenty for what I do. The eyes were painted in plain red. This photo has NOT been color balanced, so I am sure it is a touch off in the red as I use a LED spot which leans towards blue hues.

    If you want first crack at a head I am donating the above figure to Creations for Charity run by Nannan which goes to benefit Toys for Tots. Here is a link: www.bricklink.com/store.asp?p=Nannan

    After the auction closes I will (hopefully) have a few I can add to my store. That being said, go bid on the auction, it is for a few good cause.

  8. < bricked > 84 months ago | reply

    :D i have plans for this guy if i ever buy the head

  9. Strykǝr 84 months ago | reply

    Really?! Sweet! Just his regular head or with his Cad Bane accessories?

  10. Fine Clonier 84 months ago | reply

    Just the head at this time. I have the hat about half way through the sculpting process. When it is finished I still have to work on the breathing apparatus. Actually it has already been added to the site, just need to reopen. Working on a few other updates before I do. I think I have 16 of these heads made.

  11. Strykǝr 84 months ago | reply

    Well I personally can't wait for the Cad Bane head to come out, but I take it the "Blue Alien" head is this head? (for some reason the picture won't show up for me.)

  12. Fine Clonier 84 months ago | reply

    You are correct. Still working on pictures, which is why I have not reopened.

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