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    thats my 2009 new year resolution. going pretty good so far.

    I've been tagged by Aditya. Supposedly this is a Meme (like the all popular LJ memes), I need to write 16 random things about me.

    1. I've a recurring dream that I can fly.

    2. I'm younger than my class mates, I joined my first company Pramati Technologies in at the age of 19,call it teenage.

    3. I speak Telugu. తెలుగు మీద భాషాభిమానం ఎక్కువే.

    4. I live in bangalore,I can barely speak kannada, but act before shopkeepers that I can.

    5. I'm right now listening to masakkali song/promo from Delhi-6.

    6. I'm addicted to flickr for little more than 3 years. Uploaded first photo in flickr in aug05. I've written some yahoo pipes to spy on the friends activity.

    7. I love good food and enjoy cooking as much as eating.

    8. Music makes very happy, If I like some song, I listen to it whole day.

    9. I still follow "be good to everyone, everyone will be good to you".

    10. I can't read novels (read harry potter,lord of rings,bleh) I can finish technical books lot easier.

    11. I want to make a full length feature film some day.

    12. When I was in REC Warangal, I was very nearly arrested by the police in a computer theft case.Incidentally the Sherlock Homes found my lost identity card near the gate.

    13. I'm a dropout from NID.

    14. My "about me" in social networking sites - "simple. honest. friendly. passionate.",all of it is true.

    15. Love to code.I believe nothing speaks louder than code. I've worked with some kick ass hackers at Yahoo!

    16. I can type 50 words per minute with auto spell correct.

    I'm passing on this to some of you, play the game !

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    1. .aditya. 64 months ago | reply

      Awesome :-)
      Very interesting details. 19 when you first joined Pramati?? Oh man, I always thought I was the youngest!
      Full length feature film? Manchi coffee lanti cinema teeyali :-)
      NID - National Institute of Design?

    2. Maithili.Mythz 64 months ago | reply

      amazin shot, kalyan!

    3. kkalyan 64 months ago | reply

      @adi thanks :) I think sandeep is even younger. NID ade.
      @myths : thanks, you are have been tagged too !

    4. Sandeep Mopuru 64 months ago | reply

      entroi ekkdaa chosinaa NOW NOW antunnav :)

    5. kkalyan 64 months ago | reply

      new year resolution and jan10th kada, konni rojulu marchi pokunda undamani ;)

    6. Sushil Dhyani 64 months ago | reply

      Nice, hope you ful fill all your resolutions. By the way I live in hyd (past 19 years) and can't speak telugu yet :)

    7. kkalyan 64 months ago | reply

      @sd : thanks :) you can't speak telugu ? start watching telugu movies !

    8. SriHarsha PVSS 64 months ago | reply

      good one, both the photo and the things that followed

    9. sonal_nigam 64 months ago | reply

      Inspiring you always have been..

    10. Medhu 64 months ago | reply

      thats really shot !

    11. kkalyan 64 months ago | reply

      thanks harsha, thanks nigam, thanks medhu!
      thanks for the faves !

    12. Meylah 52 months ago | reply

      Hello - Thank you for the wonderful image. We used it on our blog post at Meylah
      Thank you again!

    13. kkalyan 52 months ago | reply

      @meylah thanks for linking back!

      thanks for the faves !

    14. Harrier 52 months ago | reply

      This subtle photograph is very inspiring. Thanks for sharing your message across the world.

      Seen here first:

    15. kkalyan 52 months ago | reply

      @Harrier Thanks for the note and for the link :)

    16. Stepping Stones Magazine 16 months ago | reply

      I hope you like how we represented your photo in this post:

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