Brick Rogers: The Galactic Girl from the 5th Century, AE
I don't get a chance to build that often, so I often slowly edit things and add to ideas. Here's a slowly brewing theme project built around a pulp sci-fi kid heroine named Brick Rogers. I added to it for a quick display at Bricks By The Bay 2012 and even did some editing after that. I've also added a CUUSOO project for it because, well, why not?

[Doh...nevermind. Guess TLC's cleaning house. Just got the *interesting* message below:

Dear Ka-GO,

We are sorry to inform you that your LEGO CUUSOO project "Brick Rogers: The Galactic Girl from the 5th Cenury AE. " has been removed to reflect the new Project Guidelines (, which do not allow content related to realistic or extreme violence. Please review the Project Guidelines and House Rules when posting future projects.



Wonder what else will get the boot. I get it though...too many weapons. Shame shame shame on me.]
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