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    Ha, just as I was getting ready to upload the pics of my improved Spinner, I got a mail from the Cuusoo team informing me that my Spinner project has been deleted. Apparently it "refers to a brand or licensed property that contains content or themes that do not fit the LEGO Group's standards for appropriate content".
    True, I admit, but it was worth a shot. So thank you all who gave my Spinner your support and hope you like these pictures.

    And as much as I understand TLC's need to clean the house, I can't help but wonder just how many great ideas for a new fire truck will come of it? They want new and original ideas for existing non-licensed themes, yet people bombard them with zombies and master chiefs. Yes, cool city creations would be nice, but how likely are they to reach 10K?
    Hey, how about a flying police car ; )

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    1. JETfri 30 months ago | reply

      it looks gorgeous. TLG loss.

    2. nate_decastro 30 months ago | reply

      That is one hot spinner my friend!

    3. Dinga's Photos 30 months ago | reply

      Well done. I think I supported this one. Pretty sure I did. How about posting instructions :D

    4. SafePit 30 months ago | reply


    5. tbone_tbl 30 months ago | reply

      Join the ever-growing club

    6. Deus "Big D." Otiosus 30 months ago | reply

      Super! Čеstitam za TBB!

    7. kaitimar 30 months ago | reply

      Hvala! Tudi tvoja vulkanska diorama si zasluži svetovno slavo. In turnir tvoje punce. Jaz imam par spodobnih fotk iz Kosez. Ti pošljem?
      Edit: vidim, da si objavil. Super!

    8. Cpt. Brick 30 months ago | reply

      Very, very nice. Excellent work!

    9. _Tiler 30 months ago | reply

      Fantastic work my friend, still a reference model! Honestly, I can't figure why Blade Runner would be less appropriate than Lord of the Rings...

    10. kaitimar 30 months ago | reply

      Thanks! And let's face it, if there was a reawakening of the Bladerunner franchise, Lego would consider it like anything else. Tolkien is downright scary and the new Batman movies could hardly be called suitable for kids, but they will sell bricks. An obscure SF from the eighties, a cult movie or not, is just not worth the effort for them.

    11. _Tiler 30 months ago | reply

      I totally agree. I've had the same argument on the upcoming Batman sets. You wouldn't believe how many didn't see this classic, and yet they know by heart the names of some 100 clone commanders :(

    12. zombklr 29 months ago | reply

      Love this model, wish Cuusoo would have kept it. I was wondering if you could post a photo of the underside of the model. I've been trying to build one for myself, but can't seem to get that section right.

    13. nrcheever 28 months ago | reply

      Cuusoo not accepting your Spinner is crazy! Their frontpage features a the Batmobile right now along with the Back-to-the-Future Delorean. What's the underside look like, btw?

    14. kaitimar 28 months ago | reply

      I accept that Bladerunner is not as appealing to kids as Batman. It's as simple as that.
      The underside hasn't changed much. I will take a pic when I have the time.

    15. Bozzak 14 months ago | reply

      So wanting to build this, but don't have all the parts... *sigh*

    16. zombklr 14 months ago | reply

      it took me a while to find all the parts. most of them i ordered form www.bricklink.com

    17. Jackdaw 11 months ago | reply

      Do you a parts list for this build available? I'd happily pay for it.

    18. kaitimar 11 months ago | reply

      Go two pictures to the right and follow the comments. And it's free : )

    19. nrcheever 6 months ago | reply

      You redid the backside! I was thinking of this myself but haven't had time. Did you do anything different with the undercarriage? That's the photo you're missing :)

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