• Inspired by Just Creative Design
  • Lots of this style is inspired by my love of comics - from the Green Lantern
  • I took it one step further into abstract to create this Tomato/Apple like shape
  • This plays with the KCV/Kai them...
  • In this area I was starting to play with the icon forming an angry face. Maybe not the most cheerful of my ideas.
  • Areas of this would be in javascript like the jQuery robot (robot.anthonycalzadilla.com) with the tube whizzing past and the buildings resurrecting from the ground in smoke and dust. It's just an idea :p
  • Playing with the concept of speech marks to capture more of the comic/fun side
  • Thinking about a stick man character

Logo and Layout ideas

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One of the new developers at Justgiving (Adam Tibi - www.AdamTibi.net) challenged me to make a site against his new one.

I'm going to be using php and jQuery... whilst concentrating on the design over functionality.

I'm also thinking that there'll be a number of different stylesheets too... I just need to get a place in London and I'll have more time to get this done!

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