Travel Journals
Here are a few selected scans and photos of my travel journals. I recorded over 450 pages of thoughts & sketches on my first journey through Europe for 77 days.

I used a Moleskine to record my second journey, through Croatia & Montenegro in Eastern Europe.

For my third overseas pilgrimage, I created a journal from scratch. It was my first book-making project and I'd say the results were better than expected (i.e. the book didn't fall apart after 80 miles of trekking)

I will be adding more scans soon.

See my website for more information and tips on creating your own travel journal.

[EDIT (02/2008)] - added scanned images of my journal I used in Morocco in December, '07.

[EDIT (06/23/2008)] - added scans and photos of my Nova Scotia Journal, used in early June, '08.
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