Desert Mariposa Dreams

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    Wish I could say this Kennedy's Mariposa portrait was taken this year, but I shot it near Haiwee Reservoir in May, 2005. So far, none have shown up in 2009, but here's hoping it's not too late for them to make an appearance.

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    1. eager clover [deleted] 113 months ago

      now that's ORANGE!!!...also very beautiful!

    2. merciful pollution [deleted] 113 months ago

      so vivid!!!

    3. jwallphoto 113 months ago

      Very cool little mariposa.

    4. Regina_B_1 113 months ago

      So very beautifully captured!!! Love the color!

    5. Nick Boren Photography 113 months ago

      I love this shot Kahlee. The color is so rich and vibrant. Is this flower related to the California Poppies? They look similar, especially there bright color.. Very well seen and taken.. ;-)

    6. Kahlee Spiritdancing 113 months ago

      Thanks for the lovely comments. Nick, this flower is not related to California Poppies. It's actually a member of the lily family. The genus is Calochortus and that includes many kinds of mariposa lilies. This one is Calochortus Kennedyi, often called "Kennedy's Mariposa" or "Desert Mariposa". Color is usually a vibrant reddish orange like this, but can be more yellow in other locations. Other Mariposa Lilies are in shades of pink, yellow and white.

    7. Nick Boren Photography 113 months ago

      Thank you Kahlee for the information on this very lovely flower. I really think they are something special. Must be really nice to see in person. Maybe I will get down there sometime to see for myself.. I am sure it is a photographers paradise.. Love seeing it all through your lens..You do such a great job of capturing the beauty of the landscapes in your area.

      Thank You... ;-)

    8. tom911r7 113 months ago

      Love the saturation of color here.

    9. Kahlee Spiritdancing 113 months ago

      Thanks, Tom. I actually had to tone down the saturation on this image. These flowers glow like little orange beacons in the desert -- especially in the mid-day sun.

    10. naturepic08 113 months ago

      I agree about this flower being something special, awesome colors

    11. AussieinUSA 113 months ago

      Wow she is small, wonderful deep colour, well captured matey.

    12. absorbed fruit [deleted] 113 months ago

      Hi Kahlee, WOW! I had been told these are the most gorgeous of SoCal's wildflowers, and now I'm a firm believer. You certainly captured its full glory. I might have a peek at Haiwee on Sunday.

    13. Kahlee Spiritdancing 113 months ago

      Ashley, although low to the ground, these Mariposa lilies are about 2" to 3" across. The coarse gravel here, if interpreted as sand, does make them seem small. When they're in peak form around Haiwee, they glow so brightly, you can see them from Highway 395.

    14. successful bird [deleted] 113 months ago

      Fabulous my friend that is some color and love the flower. Great shot

    15. sheenjek 113 months ago

      exceptionally beautiful . wonderful detail in this shot . would love to see these in person some day

    16. Desert4wd 113 months ago

      Still, very beautiful flower and great photo of it. Nicely done.

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