Billions Of Gallons Served. Thanks BP!!!

Boycott BP Don't buy gas from AM/PM or BP stations anywhere. This devastating ecological disaster could have been avoid. BP chose to be cheap and save money on safety equipment. These guys are making money hand over fist and now our tax dollars will go to the clean up, their fuck up while they continue to make the mighty dollar with total disreguard for Human life, Wild life & our Mother earth.


The facts in my Artwork were found at

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  • Michael14218 5y

    Blame wont clean up a single drop of oil.

    If the relief wells don't work,we have to drill the offending oil reservoir dry.
    Using many additional wells for just this site.After the giant reservoir is emptied,no more deep water drilling.

    Also,the oil collected from this monster would be used to pay for everything...Even if the oil leak was stopped right now,so much oil has already been released that it will take years and hundreds of billions of dollars to clean the Gulf.And that's IF the Gulf can be cleaned in the first place.

    This epoch tragedy is likely a permanent game changer...The damage to land,sea and air is that bad.

    Listen my fellow "small people" I need your help in reaching the talking heads on tv and people at the White House.

    If the existing relief and cap plan does not work,the above drill and drain dry plan will work...It will be easier to drill the reservoir dry than it is to repair that one broken well at 5000ft below.

    I want contact info for people in the media who can and do influence White House policy.

    The White House watches the news outlets such as CNN,FOX and MSNBC.

    I'm looking for the email addresses for the fallowing:

    Anderson Cooper
    Wolf Blitzer (cool name)
    Bill O'Reilly
    Sean Hannity
    Rachel Maddow
    Keith Olbermann
    Chris Matthews
    the Ed Show guy (don't know his last name off hand)
    Joe Scarborough (spell check)
    Mika Brzezinski (double spell check)
    Robert Reich
    Pat Buchanan
    Arianna Huffington
  • dionysis 5y

  • ***CINCOKILOZ** 5y

    YOOOO KAFKA*doing your thing man. keep it up.... your shit is still bangin!!
  • ***CINCOKILOZ** 5y

    ohhh. the message under the pic is fukin amazing. i didnt know bout any of this... keep up the work homie.
  • Karlen. 5y

    It's freaking amazing that his admin excepted perks from BP, waived safety regulations and now Obama is blaming "previous administration". WTF?
    Who do they think we are?
    The President promised Jindal that he'd take all calls from the Governor. But when Gov. Jindal saw skimmers sitting idle because the Coast Guard said they needed more life preservers, his calls to the president went unanswered! unanswered AZ governor, unanswered Jindal. Is it because they are not dems?
  • KAFKA*Ntwrk ® "Digital Sword" 5y

    @CINCOKILOZ Thanx for the good feedback ^^
  • Karlen. 5y

    Thanks God, the judge showed Obama the middle finger.
    Moratorium is gone. Now, people of the Gulf. You are welcome to go back to work.
  • postpanglossian 5y

  • NEWMIND propaganda 5y

    fuck bp! boycott them to hell!
  • NTE World 5y

    bp had absolutely nothing to do with Exxon Valdez... the name Exxon is a good hint who to blame here.

    Nice artwork though... should the shark not be Obama and bp be a little fish... after all he is the "kick ass" guy.

    Seen on your photo stream. ( ?² )
  • KAFKA*Ntwrk ® "Digital Sword" 5y

    Greg Palast, investigative reporter for BBC television. Investigated Exxon after the the 11 million gallon spill in Alaska.

    “The most important thing, that people do not recognize, is that my investigations over the past 20 years have lead me to see that the party most responsible for the destruction in Alaska was not Exxon,” said Palast. “It was British Petroleum and that’s vital in understanding what’s going on in the Gulf.”-Greg Palast

    Read the whole thing.

    Bush administration had a hand in this BP mess as well. BP has big pockets and lobbied a lot of powerful people. By no means are they a small fish.
  • Stan Farrow 5y

    An interesting debate so far, if not (justifiably) a little over emotional.

    A couple of new points that are worth dropping into this thread are:

    1. There is a lot of pension-fund money (more American than British) invested in BP. If a boycott of BP was effective, a lot of us would suffer too.
    2. The oil well in question was not wholly owned by BP, but Mr Obama isn't shouting too loudly about the American company that owned the other 30% of the well.
  • Jason Presser 5y

    Look these southern states are all conservative republican states and now they are reaping what they have sown. Deregulation and depending on fossil fuels for jobs and this is what happens. I feel for the animals and the environment but the people down there deserve it in many ways.. just wish it was hitting texas a bit harder. I mean Jindal wanting more oil drilling, the Gov. of Miss. Haley B. making excuses for BP. Give me a break. BP should be gone after they have paid for this mess.. but let them keep going until they have shelled out the cash. Pardon the shell pun. Obama did take money from BP but so did McCain. .. they give to who ever is in power. We need truly liberal/progressive politicians that aren't scared to put real regulations on these corporations no matter what business they are making they money from. We need a true energy bill to get this country off its oil/coal addiction. We are killing our planet from our sheer laziness and greed. Greed is what is pushing the conservatives and blue dog dems; the last thing we need is more of those corporatists in our government. Scream at you reps for more regulation, email the white house for more regulation, and make your voice heard. We need to start protecting our environment and our workers in this country, and end the tax breaks for the the wealthy and the corporate hand outs that never produce jobs. This country has been in a downward spiral since Reagan and his failed economic policies started and were continued by bush, clinton, and bush jr. And yes the bush admin. has oil all over their hands. They are the ones that allowed the MMS to get so far gone. It was under W. that the MMS was caught doing crank and having orgies with representatives of the oil companies. They also made it law that a decision had to be made on the environmental impacts of new drill sites in thirty days which led to the rubber stamping of drilling op. plans without the investigation of environmental impact. And I love how these neo cons said nothing under the Bush admin when he stomped on the constitution and put us in this depression our country is in, but like that KarienM have pure anger when the new person is in trying to fix the bullshit handed over to him. And before you say anything I am not completely happy with Obama but he is a lot better than the alternative we had. I would have liked a true liberal/progressive but that wasn't in the offing this time. I just hope there is a silver lining to this disaster and America wakes up from the right wing nightmare we have been under since 1981 and turns this country around to a true leader of the free world with regulations that keep the corps honest and and energy plan that gets us to true renewable energy.... that is my hope.
  • KAFKA*Ntwrk ® "Digital Sword" 5y

    @mightyquinninwky©™ Damn!!! Thats was good, HALLELUJAH!!
  • BigD145 5y

    All oil companies do this shite.
  • SansBels 5y

    Creative Allies have launched a competition to design a T-shirt about the Gulf Spill.

    Deadline Aug 31st 2010
  • KAFKA*Ntwrk ® "Digital Sword" 5y

    Good Looking out & Thnx.
  • Kombizz Kashani 5y

  • soo_cheesy 5y

    wow everyone is really talkative with this subject, your work always serves its purpose! sick ass work! by the way I seen your tshirt design of this on that posted in the comments above. I hope it wins that shirt is crazy!
  • bradjustinen 5y

    You are an amazing artist. Too bad you don't use your talents for something more positive/constructive.
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