Jeremy Zawodny

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    This is my new headshot.

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    1. Mike Dammann 74 months ago | reply

      Jeremy, my team would like to interview you next for

      Hit me up :)

    2. cutiepiejessrox 74 months ago | reply

      Dear Jeremy;

      Your article blog thing on weight lost was inspiring.
      Ive lost about 30 pounds and now I been stuck at the same damn weight. Your spreadsheet has inspired me and im going to give it a shot. I kept up with the article and you stopped posting. If theres anything maybe u can email anythin else ud like to share or even continue on your blog it will be appreciated. Until then im gonna try and see if this works for me. Thanks alot.

      Jessica <3

    3. cutiepiejessrox 74 months ago | reply

      nvm found the next page. oppsies. ty anyways lol.

    4. lildeuce_3 69 months ago | reply

      I did a random Google search for Dell Support stories and saw your article! may remember me...from your grade school days at St. Pat's Heatherdowns! Good to see your doing so well. SPH Class of 88 Baby!

    5. lildeuce_3 69 months ago | reply

      Wow! I've done a couple more google searches since that last post. You've really done something since way back then. You're even on Wikipedia!!! How can I email you directly...we are talking about getting a 20 year reunion going. Would you make the trip back to T-Town? I'm coaching soccer at SJ now and working as an IT consultant. I still keep touch with a lot of the guys from our grade school class.

    6. imenshykov 69 months ago | reply

      Spam is on the rise again...

    7. pjc_523 69 months ago | reply

      Wow......Someone who works for Yahoo. You may be the only person I can contact. I CANT GET INTO MY EMAIL AND I CANT GET ANY RESOLUTION AND I'M PISSED OFF AT YAHOO. I get dead ends everywhere I go. Well, you probably won't get this message or respond but by some miracle --

    8. jone_xu2003 67 months ago | reply

      Hello, Zawodny!
      You are welcome to visit our website:

      there are all kinds of mobile video recorder products.
      My Yahoo ID is:

    9. Kristin LiaB 62 months ago | reply

      Hi Jeremy,
      I wanted to let you know about a new R GUI called Inference for R ( - the most advanced R user interface available, allowing real-time execution of R code, and full encapsulation of data, R software objects and commands and commentary. Please let me know if you would be interested in giving it a spin for free. Thanks!

    10. 52 months ago | reply

      Wondering if you can answer a question: What does foundlocalevilscript" mean? Thought you might be able to help me.
      Thank you,lisa

    11. iansmith2 50 months ago | reply

      Have to characterize the headshot for sure.
      Weight Loss

    12. edwardfrebow 48 months ago | reply

      Hello saw your post on messenger for mac. I have a mac and I am not able to video chat with a windows machine. any ideas?

    13. passionateplay99 40 months ago | reply

      i think u are cute as hell

    14. righa2011 35 months ago | reply

      jeremy why doing want to loose weight?

    15. N8-808 32 months ago | reply

      Hey I tried to run your perl script for the car search but I get an error

      "Could not find cl-carfind.xml in ./ at line 23"

      I guess I need a xml file as well? Maybe I get the xml from CL RSS feed?

      Not sure how the script works but thought I would run it to see what it spit out...

    16. The_Original_Cyberkat 30 months ago | reply

      Reading you article...
      Using Gmail as My Spam Filter...

      Sorry to be so dense but I do not know how to take a given email address and run it through gmail and then back to my email client locally, outlook. Could you elaborate a bit.

    17. jimgskoop 24 months ago | reply

      Just a heads-up: this spammy website is using your photo...

    18. pradydady 17 months ago | reply

      I read your blog about how unhelpful and money hungry these fucking banks can be. I am destroying my credit card tomorrow morning, I've had enough of it and dont blame me tomorrow if you read news about some credit cards seller castrated.

    19. pradydady 17 months ago | reply

      And you look adorable :-)

    20. cemerikovyrii 9 months ago | reply

      Jeremy! I have deletion Related Searches! How? Pleas! Thank you!!! Yrii. ( Russian. town Omsk.)

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