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House Of Orange, Orange Peppers | by jwvraets
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House Of Orange, Orange Peppers

One of the family hand-me-downs is a platter apparently issued for the 25th birthday of Princess Juliana (later Queen Juliana) of the Netherlands. The Dutch royal family is referred to as the House Of Orange. As for the peppers…


We had picked the last of the peppers growing in our garden several weeks ago. They have been sitting in a box waiting for some reason to use them (there were a lot of them), and the last few have gone from a pale yellow to a nice orange colour. The boss told me to do something with them as they were past their prime. So I did. I photographed them. Their orange colour started me on a train of thought – orange, House of Orange, old platter for a member of the House of Orange. You get the drift. Add some flash lighting and I got this. Just not sure if the boss is any happier though. - JW


Date Taken: 2018-12-05


Tech Details:


Taken using a hand-held Nikon D7100 fitted with radio trigger and a 42 inch octagonal soft box (camera left) with single radio-triggered strobe, and a white reflector (camera right). The camera was fitted with an AF-S DX Nikkor 18-105mm VR lense set to 34mm, ISO100, Daylight WB, Manual mode, f/9.0, 1/320 sec (yes I know the flash trigger speed is 1/200 max but I must have brushed the control wheel and inadvertently boosted the shutter speed – mea culpa – but it worked surprisingly well considering the falloff on the bottom pretty much lined up with the area where the cabinet top drops away). PP in free Open Source RAWTherapee from Nikon RAW/NEF source file: scale image to 9000x6000, slightly boost contrast and Chromaticity in L-A-B mode, slightly boost vibrance, sharpen (edges only), save. PP in free Open Source GIMP: create 2 copies of the image and label the top layer as wood adjustment layer and the bottom layer as the platter adjustment layer, add a black/transparent mask to the top/wood layer and then using large soft-edged brush paint in the platter area on the mask followed by inverting the colour so that only the wood top would be modified using that layer, use the tone curve tool to get a good base tonality for the wood top and then use the shadows/highlights tool in the color group to bring up the brightness of the right side to better match the left side, use the colour temperature tool to increase the output colour temperature and bring out the reddish tones of the wood top a bit more accurately, on the platter layer use the tone curve tool to brighten the mid-tones a bit and then boost its overall colour saturation a little, create new working layer from visible result, sharpen, save, scale image to 6000px wide, sharpen, save, add fine black-and-white frame, add bar and text on left, save, scale image to 2048px wide for posting online, sharpen slightly, save.

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Taken on December 5, 2018