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Meet Johnathon! | by jwoodphoto
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Meet Johnathon!

2011 has already started out much, much better than 2010.


After a monumental battle of wills for the past three months, I had to resort to utter deviousness.


The stealth mission began Thursday. As soon as my husband left for work, I headed over to the Westside Animal Shelter to check out a couple of kitties I'd seen on their website. When I got there, I went into the Cattery, and the two cats were still there. Went over to see them, when I heard a rather persistant mewing coming from across the room behind me. When I turned to look, the mewing stopped, but I suspect it came from a little tabby who seemed to be the only one over that way up and alert. I turned back to my two of interest, and now the persistant mewing became quite demanding.


Now, I was the only one in the room at the time. So while I figured I'd probably take one of the two who'd original drawn me there, I still wanted to look around a bit. When I ducked behind a bank of cages, well . . . now the demanding mewing became an all-out full-throated howl, "Come here! NOW! Don't be over there looking at other kitties! I want you front and center this very minute!"


So I went over to see the tabby, and he immediately stopped yowling. He was cute, but I really had a soft-spot for that smokey little female, and now the cat in the next cage to the tabby had awakened and come over with some interest. I reached up to stroke her through the wire, when all of a sudden, the tabby reached out, grabbed my shoulder and yowled again, "Hey! I didn't say you could look at another cat! I'm going home with you, no ifs ands or butts about it!"


So when the woman who worked in the cattery came in, I told her I'd been given no choice. That tabby chose me.


She told me the tabby wasn't available for adoption until Friday, but that I could put him on priority hold, and she wrote down his number. I thanked her and started to leave. By this time, a few more people had come in, and while they'd passed by the tabby's cage, there was none of the damanding howling or paws reaching out of the cage.


I guess he knew he'd won, so he didn't need to put on the show anymore, LOL!


I went yesterday to pick him up (they'd assigned him the name Johnathon), drove home with the fingers of one hand stuck through the grate on the carrier so he could suck on them and stop sounding like I was killing him.


My husband wasn't happy when I brought the tabby in, but as soon as I opened the carrier door, Johnathon introduced himself and well, that was all it took. My husband once again has a nap buddy, and I awoke this morning to once again having a cat laying on my head and cleaning my "fur" LOL!

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Taken on January 1, 2011