Tick Tock: Steampunk Clock
This started out as a rather beat up alarm clock I purchased at some sort of rummage sale in the past. It was neat, but ultimately pretty ordinary looking; old, but not antique (1950s, at the earliest). As a result, it spent the last few years collecting dust in the basement-only getting looked at passingly and never wound. I'd been home from university that week (for the Thanksgiving holiday), and had been quite bored. All my good tools, toys, PC, etc were still at school, so I was left to putter about the house. While meandering through my vast piles of junk, the clock caught my eye. When I opened the cheap metal casing, a gorgeous arrangement of brass gears twinkled before me. I though about tearing it apart and harvesting the wondrous cogs, but decided it was much better intact. Still, what could I do with it?

As I poked around the gears and levers, I found something wonderful: the clock's face was but mere cardboard and when removed, left the internals visible to all! It also revealed the unbelievably perfect patina on the steel body of the timepiece-a definite requisite for steampunk!

I also added a small incandescent light inside to better illuminate the meshing gears and oscillating wheels.
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