Scofflaws I Have Known
You often hear this said about bicyclists in San Francisco: if only they could learn to respect the law, then people would take them seriously. You know, bicyclists are those crazy scofflaws who run every stop sign they can find.

The basis for this belief seems to be that automobilists are some kind of noble, self-policing superculture in which nobody dare violate the sanctity of the law, lest they be cast out of polite society.

Nothing could be further from reality. In San Francisco the automobilists terrorize the city. They ignore red lights and stop signs, park in no parking zones, cruise along in the bus lane, and violate every rule of driving that has ever been written.

I set out to document the absurdity of this idea, and I thought it would take me all day. Instead, I ran out of storage on my camera during a single half-hour walk from my office to my house. Instead of having to hunt high and low for the elusive lawbreaker, I found literally dozens of them at the first intersection I crossed.
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