4636 Cuyama Valley South Side

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    The colors were more brilliant than I was able to capture. Simply breathtaking, and we want to go back when the lupines and poppies are brighter.

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    1. Ashala Tylor Images 61 months ago | reply

      Gorgeous. This is going to be a fantastic season everywhere.

    2. CP68-73 61 months ago | reply

      Truly breath taking, a wonderful new perspective to me.
      It must be difficult to take all this in, fly, and photograph. Thank You it's great.

    3. LindaMcD1 61 months ago | reply

      The colors are amazing...you always capture a great compositon!

    4. NatureShutterbug 61 months ago | reply

      Fantastic. I hope and hope that the yellow is not mustard.

    5. SBA John Wiley 61 months ago | reply

      Fun to see so many comments. :)

      CCTC, if you've been following the wildflower pix and comments on Edhat.com you'll know that so far this is the only large bright bloom we've seen in quite a bit of regional flying. Experts are saying the season has already peaked, so like you I sure hope they're proven wrong.

      CP, it's great to see the ground-level perspective in your photostream. We didn't have time to land and find a ride from the airport out to the flowers, so your pix help a lot. You're right that it takes some concentration to fly and snap, but I get the plane positioned and trimmed out first. It also helps that we have a very stable and capable plane, plus my SLR is set to rapid-fire and you don't see the many that don't come out. ;)

      Linda, thanks for commenting on the composition because that's the most fun and challenging part. I have to spot something, visualize what will be the best place for snapping, then get the plane there and into stable flight. It was relatively easy in Cuyama because the blooms are everywhere and there's no other air traffic.

      NS, I've wondered that about some other patches of yellow in the region, but I think this has to be something else. First of all, it doesn't look tall enough for blooming mustard. Second, it's more densely colored than any mustard I've seen. But if it's mustard, it sure has taken over the ecosystem!

    6. Steve Corey 61 months ago | reply

      Almost unbelievable! I'm going out tomorrow.

      Is this side better than Carrizo?

    7. SBA John Wiley 61 months ago | reply

      Hi Steve :)

      I'd say yes, at least in terms of what we saw. I gather the colors change and each species has a fairly brief bloom so it's probably quite different already. The air was hazier at Carrizo and the blooms less dense and brilliant. OTOH, Cuyama had fewer variations in color and of course lacks the austere beauty of Soda Lake in its rare wet phases. Once it Cuyama I guess it's not far via the road direct from the south, even if you stop when it gets dodgy because you'd probably see the lake by then. We've never driven that part, and the Goodwin info warns that it's impassible when wet. Let me know if you'd like to fly out. We'll probably go again, and will of course post updates here and on Edhat.

    8. Elaine Kallio 47 months ago | reply

      Makes me homesick for the Central Coast area(s). Beautiful country.

    9. marilyn2d 39 months ago | reply

      I found this photo on Stumble -did you know about that? great capture by the way!

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