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The incredible canopy of the Muir Woods

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This is a bit of big post on tWp, as I mentioned yesterday, my camera and lens were destroyed by the Pacific while house-hunting out in California. In an effort to replace my rig, I am testing the commercial waters a bit here on tWp. Today's post offers (in this order) a new favorite photograph of mine from the amazing redwoods of the John Muir Woods, my longest (and best) timelapse movie to date, limited edition canvas and metallic prints of some of my photographs for purchase, and details about a tWp fund-raising workshop. Read on!

Muir Woods Canopy

First things first, here's an image I couldn't wait to process when I got back from California - a bit of the Ocean View Trail (disclaimer - the trail no longer offers ocean views :P) curling up and up amongst the beanstalks of the Muir Woods. It is impossible to do justice to these magnificent conifers by words or photographs (unless of course, you are Muir), but I think this photographs nicely illustrates that there is no such thing as bad light amongst the giants. Taken during the worst light of the day (high noon) for photography, the trees marvelously filtered and bent and buffered the light into a wonderful glow. Want to learn how to make images like this one? Check out workshop information below.


Seascapes of San Francisco

Second, here is a time-lapse video taken in eight series along the Bay Area coast. Here are the locations:

1-3 ) West Beach along the Great Highway, next to Cliff House

4) Golden Gate Bridge from just about Fort Point

5 - 7 ) Muir Beach

8 ) Agate Beach


In case you were curious, my camera was thrashed while I was setting up for "one last" bit of time lapse along Agate Beach, just north of the little patch of stones that closes the video. Again, want to know how I did the vid? Read below.


Seascapes of San Francisco from Justin Kern on Vimeo.


Limited Edition tWp prints

Limited Edition prints of a few of my favorite photographs. So here's the deal, I want to raise a bit of dough, you want a print, know someone who wants a print, need to give a gift, know someone who needs to give a gift, etc. Please help me spread the word via twitter, facebook, your own blog, flickr! I am offering limited edition prints of the following photographs; I'm not looking to turn this into a business, so I'm not going to print more than 10 of any one image. If you want to buy a print all you have to do is Email Me with the name of the image you want printed, the size and quantity you want. I'll confirm, you can pay via PayPal or check and you'll have your beautiful print ASAP. Nice and simple.


There are two finish options - Kodak Metallic photo paper (these are printed on real photopaper - no inkjet) which looks really cool - catches the light wonderfully - and is shipped without a frame. The other option is a beautiful, gallery-quality, pre-wrapped and mounted canvas print. Printed professionally on thick, textured canvas the colors pop and the prints are ready to hang on the wall!


Metallic Prints:

8 in x 12 in - $50

12 in x 18 in - $75

16 in x 24 in - $100


Canvas Prints:

12 in x 18 in - $200

16 in x 24 in - $250

20 in x 30 in - $300



If there is an image that you would want printed and you don't see here, Email Me and maybe we can work that out.

Last but certainly not least, tWp workshops

Okay, finally - tWp workshops. I got a bit of interest yesterday from some of you wonderful readers about doing a workshop. I know a large part of the website's readership are photographers, and it is really flattering that you guys think enough of what we do to be interested - so here goes!


Knowing that schedules can be difficult and that I have fewer than 5 weekends left in Chicago, I've selected Saturday June 12th and Saturday June 19th as the dates for two workshops. Here is what we are going to do:


Meet along the lakefront Saturday morning at sunup, I'll be there and will provide hands-on advice. I'll help you with technique, composition, photography basics, Chicago trivia, etc. There is no photographic question too simple or too great - anything from which aperture is best to how to reduce noise in advanced workflow is game.


We will focus on two things: creating images the likes of which you see each day here on tWp - urban landscapes that combine the natural and the man-made in an aesthetically pleasing way and using your DSLR camera to generate 1080p HD timelapse video (even HDR time-lapse video).


When all the beautiful light has faded, we will gather around and go through my digital workflow from uploading to posting - every single step in every single program in full detail. How to generate an HDR image, how to tonemap, how to use programs like Enfuse, how to stitch a panorama, how to compile an image sequence into a time-lapse movie and so on... You can ask me anything you want and I'll provide you with my Photoshop action files and Lightroom presets. This will be really interesting because I have steadily developed, but have never shared, an HDR workflow that creates images with very little noise, rich color and wonderful contrast.


When all the processing is done, we'll all head home and share the results of our trip in a private Google Group - best photograph gets a free limited edition 12 in x 18 in tWp metallic print of your choice and, if you so respect my opinion, I'll provide my opinion on what works and what doesn't in the photographs you generate. Finally, you'll establish email contact with me, and as Matt, Tom, Mark, and a few others who email me regularly can tell you in the comments, I respond to emails with my advice, thoughts and opinions quickly and in great detail: access to the geekiest photographer you'll meet!


Price: $150

Email Me if you want to join up!

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