back to the Streets that I love.

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    I am all done with the vacation snaps, and thank you all for indulging me. From here on out, until future notice, it is strictly SP (shot on film) around here. I hope you enjoy.

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    1. refreshment_66 24 months ago | reply

      I'm not squeamish about photographing the homeless. I don't consider it voyeuristic: I see it more as the necessary documentation of a widespread social problem. The poor and the homeless lack the power to get their story told; and the middle classes can turn their heads when they pass by on the street.

      That leaves it to the more socially conscious members of the middle classes, with their Nikons and Hasselblads, to make these images and put them in places where others will notice.

      This photo is freaky, the lighting is perfect, the background is right. keep

    2. Marcelo Argolo 24 months ago | reply

      The mask opens up so many possibilities, plus the amazing light (I was so surprised to find out this was shot in the morning) gives an overall mood of mystery that is added by the yellow wall and the car. I think this goes way beyond a "homeless shot". Frankly, I think he's just a decadent alcoholic watchman after a night out.

    3. refreshment_66 24 months ago | reply

      You have to wonder: when did wearing a Jason mask become part of a watchman's job description?

    4. Marcelo Argolo 24 months ago | reply

      This is a Jason mask. Man, you take things way too literally...

    5. refreshment_66 24 months ago | reply

      I was using poetic licence...

    6. justinsdisgustin 24 months ago | reply

      Well, as a watchman he fails.

    7. Adrian in Bangkok 24 months ago | reply

      the light is interesting, i would have assumed it was the middle of the night had you not said otherwise.... i live too close to the equator, so never see this, by 7am it is blazing sunlight, there is about a 15 min window for this kind of light at around 5.45.... but i digress. he could be adrunk, he could be homeless, it does not matter... the yellow shutters and the mask make the shot. i hear what had been said about the light on the car, it is mildly distracting. ... but, mask and nice light and yellow shutter, are not enough... needs more life, just one more element perhaps. ditch

    8. - Jacques 24 months ago | reply

      Nice scene, I like how the light reveals the details of his scarf(?). The light on the car is good for me, an anchor in an otherwise empty space. keep4.

    9. Neil.Simmons 24 months ago | reply

      The mass of darkness adds contexts to this instead of wasted space in most other contexts, and the masked disheveled sleeper bathed in that light is perhaps the subject you would wish was there when you pass this empty spot every morning driving past over the years. There's a great story and I'm genuinely curious about this guy's history, but as an image it doesn't grab me enough to want to return to it. ditch

    10. nasos zovo 24 months ago | reply

      great light, exposure and the scene is really interesting


    11. DeeVool 24 months ago | reply

      stupid car in the back robs this of any surrealism, which is all it would have going for it.


    12. Pyrrhic victory 24 months ago | reply

      I think the car is a little distracting, but it doesn't distract enough to ruin the shot.

    13. Pyrrhic victory 24 months ago | reply

      oh and the lighting is fantastic.
      I'm 50/50 on the car still. I can't decide if it adds or detracts from the shot.
      Do you have a different version? maybe with an all yellow background? I wonder if that would be cool or not.

    14. justinsdisgustin 24 months ago | reply

      I do have a different verj, but it isnt as strong. I am not going to bother with midvote bitching, but the car is distracting? I disagree with that assessment. The car IS the "one more element" the other piece of humanity.

    15. Jason R. 24 months ago | reply

      I think the car adds the "life goes on around him" element.

    16. mark_walch1968 24 months ago | reply

      I don't know, I wonder if you got close to person there would of been more impact to the capture Or maybe not, it's hard to say if you are not the person who? took the image at the time. everyone see it diffrent at the time. beauty is in the eye of the behold as they say!

    17. atMamont 24 months ago | reply

      Light and shadows are beautiful. At first I tried to find "leica" in tags.
      Wondering why he sleeps in the mask, if he was drunk, then how he managed to get drunk in mask? How did he managed no to lost it? Maybe somebody saw him sleeping and just put the mask on?
      Well, I can't get the point or message, but the scene leaves many options and this is good.

    18. Slawyer 24 months ago | reply

      Classic image of a - maybe but seems - homeless. But the mask, the colors, the car, the light, the framing are just so good. Keep for me.

      One question, this man maybe need help... have you done something for him?

    19. justinsdisgustin 24 months ago | reply

      I have no idea whether he needed help or not. He certainly didnt ask for any, so waking him up to offer some would maybe have been rude and presumptuous of me. Where he is hanging out is a place where a lot of marginal people hang out, they are there all the time and there are plenty of people helping them. Either way, that isnt what I am into. I dont get involved, I just make photographs.

    20. cedrus` 24 months ago | reply

      As a personal view, when SP gets preachy it stops being interesting or Street. Including a conspicuous social message also makes me squirm. Fine as PJ but not Street. In this light, this shot fits none of the above.

      As for the literal light, it's just beautiful. It's directional and soft and casts a very nice glow. Gives the man an aura of a fallen hero. Comp-wise, I couldn't disagree more about the car, regardless of context. The highlights caught in the bumper and side mirror complete the balance.


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