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Mission 12.1

Salis D'aar; isolated capitol city of Bakura, set far apart from all other colonial installations throughout the planet. I remember this place. The second battle of Bakura almost a year ago had left the perimeter completely battered, and the local colonists hadn't been too effective in attempting to repair it. This will do nevertheless.


The Quarra had relieved several hands of the 707th to move from Rattatak to the system of Bakura. Unfortunately, the Grand Army had little influence within the G-16 sector and its neighboring regions. Wild Space had not seen civilized rule for ages. Chancellor Palpatine has requested the 457th Corps be routed into the area to widen his grasp on the known galaxy, where the men had been forced to tackle multiple systems at once. We are here. The Bakur colonists have been left in a desperate situation as the neutral system cries for help. Yankee Company had been dispatched to extinguish straggling seppie squads left over from the previous incursion within this system. It was getting dark, and we hadn't seen much. Perhaps an occasional malfunctioning B1 would fall right into our line of fire, but otherwise the day had been uneventful. Very poor judgement of the situation fell upon Yankee Company, as watchful eyes from beyond the treeline continued to observe our men.


"What are you doing?"


The call startled our men. It wasn't human, and did not possess the tone of any other relative beings. It was a recording which sounded of a small schoolgirl disturbing her relatives. It said again -


"What are you doing?"


Clover went over to the west to observe the situation. What he found was relatively unappealing. A dismembered B1 battledroid had been left to rot in a bush, with both its legs and its left arm lying in a heap beside its body. The droid continued to mumble its recording.


"It's still warm," Clover called back.

"Don't touch it, '9212." I replied.

"It's fine. I can just cut the recording. It's distracting."

"Clover! NO!"


He was incinerated in seconds as flames lapped for the barrier separating those inside the city walls to the Separatist forces on the ground. The body had been rigged. I had ordered my men to form around the gaping hole in the wall and protect the breach when Confederate troops continued to advance from the forest outside.


"Launch a flare and call for reinforcements. It's going to be a busy night."

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Taken on December 23, 2011