Please lower your tray table for in-flight advertising

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    Placards on tiny tables didn't bother me nearly as much as the high volume US Airways destinations ad reel that played after takeoff on our 6:45am flight.

    The TV in front of our seat was broken, playing only static. All the patter and none of the breathtaking vistas!

    I complained to the flight attendent about the mix of loud ads and broken visuals. She told me to ignore the cacaphony and go to sleep.

    1. A*A*R*O*N 109 months ago | reply

      welcome to the future where all flat-surfaces without advertising shall be abolished!

    2. anthonyk 109 months ago | reply

      i'm just going to ignore it and go to sleep.

    3. skampy 109 months ago | reply

      did the flight attendant actually use the word 'cacaphony'? because that would've impressed me enough to actually lull me into a very content nap.

    4. wayne bremser 109 months ago | reply

      Who wants to eat on an ad? This is like a Mad magazine cartoon - is Pepto sponsoring the barf bag?

      Can you tell us what airline this is, so we can piss in their general direction?

    5. jasoneppink 109 months ago | reply


      This definitely brings out the graffiti, er, public artist in me. I will be sure to bring an assortment of paints and stencil-making materials the next time I fly.

      "Enough is enough. [dips paint brush] I've had it with these ads."

    6. verymiao 109 months ago | reply

      Ugh, that is so fucked - I'll be taking graffiti implements on the next flight I take. BASTARDS!

    7. Bopuc 109 months ago | reply

      "Who wants to eat on an ad?"
      No kidding... dunno how prevalent this is elsewhere but I often get paper placemats in low-end restaurants advertising beers and such... thankfully they are one sided but still. And youc an't really say anything. The restaurant owner is prolly doing anything he can to make ends meet...

      as is, apparently,the airline industry. thanks 9-11! :D

    8. nickgraywfu 109 months ago | reply

      We've been eating on ads for a while! When you go to a fast food restaurant, you eat on a big advertisement (tray liner). Granted it is for the company you are dining at, but sometimes there are cross-promotions (like Burger King and Spider Man).

      And if you don't like the ads, but you love US Airways, you can probably get an upgrade - I doubt they have these ads up front.

    9. wayne bremser 109 months ago | reply

      If you are dining at a fast food restaurant, ads are the least of your worries.

    10. Vidalia 109 months ago | reply

      I think he said it's US Air. (i only noticed because he usually flies United and US Air is GGGGGG.hetto) Back in the day when they gave you food on airlines in coach (way back when in like 2002)I flew Alaska Airlines and when I was finished with my food, I noticed the tray had a Psalm on it. I'd rather eat on an ad than a Psalm.

    11. JulianBleecker 109 months ago | reply

      Good for you for complaining! Take a pill and go to sleep? Crimminy..the man wants us to be somnambulant somnambots..resist! Get hopped up! Write a bot mail program to send an email every day to Verizon's agency of record, Draft Worldwide ( and Lowe & Partners Worldwide ( and demand the scalp of whatever fugging "creative" thought that this would be a great idea.

    12. nickgraywfu 109 months ago | reply

      I really love these ads, but it sounds like you consumers really hate them.

      Here are some relevant links:
      Cash-Strapped Airlines Try In-Flight Advertising, WaPo 6/2005
      Saab ads on America West
      Department store ads on America West

      Let me know if you see any more. I also collect airline safety cards, fwiw.

    13. Nohaptimus 108 months ago | reply

      Don't worry, once it's interactive that ad will be way more entertaining than a dry rag like "The Economist"

    14. Docutorial? 88 months ago | reply

      i just posted a blog on this exact subject. advertising douche bags.

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