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Paper Trail | by Cath O'Connolly
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Paper Trail

(183/365) It should be shocking to me how low someone can drop in just one day. Doing this was just too real, art is supposed to be therapy. I've been tagged by Allison I'm tagging some beautiful people as well, but everyone is free to join in <3


1. Favourite colour?

The rainbow :D (Any bright color, colors make me soso happy)


2. Describe the background picture that’s on your phone.

I love Todd McClellan's recent work, especially this image, so this is what my wallpaper is


3. Last movie you watched?

I believe it was a pretentious documentary :S


4. How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are?

Hmmm, I feel like i'd be... 35, where your just starting to get worn down, and you know where life is headed


5. If you could be reborn into any decade, which decade would you chose? Why?

I would definitely chose the late 60's early 70's, I'm all about the free love <3 I would love to join a commune and just live off the land, simply


6. What is your biggest pet peeve?

When someone beats around the bush, and isn't direct with what they're trying to say or ask


7. Favourite song lyric?

Oh... My... Please don't make me chose?


8. Your dream vacation?

I'd give anything to go to Cambridge, England even for just a day


9.Your favourite book?

A million little pieces by james frey, this book means so much to me. I read it at a crushing time in my life, and it gave me something to relate to. It's a beautifully written memoir, and i really can't say enough good things about it


10. Why do you create art?

I just want to put a little bit more beauty into the world, show how i view my own world

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Taken on June 19, 2012