Thanks everyone! I really appreciate all the comments!


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This was taken with a Canon S3 IS.

  • FVDB Photography PRO 4y

  • Riccardo Casarico PRO 4y

    Molto bella ... complimenti !!
    un saluto,

    See my recent photo

  • Don Komarechka PRO 4y

    Hi Karl, nice shot! Smaller-sensor cameras like the S3 are great at taking photos like this. You can also try "focus-stacking" a few different images to get all of the tips of the snowflake in focus, a technique that I use on all my snowflake images. I love the background too, looks like ice!
  • Terri Welsh 3y

    Fabulous shot!
  • mlhradio PRO 3y

    Congratulations on receiving more than 25,000 views -- that's quite impressive! Now that you've reached this milestone, you might want to consider graduating this photograph from the 'Views: 3000' group to the 'Views: 25,000' group, which can be found here:

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  • Emily Bemily 3y

    This is so beautiful! Magical.
  • Sara Savini 3y

  • Scott Bergman 3y

    Awesome picture!
  • Jesilou Tongio PRO 3y

    Precious photo. Such beautiful blues and delicate detail.
  • Ania.Photography - OFF PRO 1y

    Hello Karl,gorgeous delicate structure, this is so fascinating! Can't take my eyes off this delicate sky jewel.Stunning details and a wonderful blue background.Magical work of this natural wonder :) Best regards.

    It is my pleasure to invite this
    image to Absolute Quality Gallery
    Absolute Quality Gallery
  • A.Q.G 1y

    Thank you very much for adding this beautiful image to
    Absolute Quality Gallery
    Absolute Quality<br>Gallery
  • Nick Boren 1y

    Wow.. what an amazing snowflake image this is Karl and thanks so much for sharing. :-)

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    Absolute Quality<br>Gallery
  • Caz PRO 1y

    So delicate, wow incredible capture, its amazing to think that snowflakes look like that
    just beautiful!!!

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    Absolute Quality<br> Gallery
  • H Matthew Howarth PRO 1y

    Lovely focus control, and the purity of the crystalline ice is fantastic against the darker blues and more vivid tones.

    Admired in *Absolute Quality Gallery*
  • Anup PRO 1y

    wonderful closeup with superb details my friend

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    Absolute Quality<br>Gallery
  • michael brush 1y

    The little things in life really do matter. So cool that your eyes scan a snowflake one day and a silicon wafer another. Which is more amazing, a snow crystal or a silicon crystal? I'll go for snow every time even though I couldn't be typing or seeing this picture without the help of silicon.

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  • Pam Sutton Photography 1y

    Superb capture of this microscopic one of a kind snow crystal ~ the secret inner beauty of this tanslucent tiny ice star shines gloriously on its soft blanket of blue.

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    Absolute Quality<br> Gallery
  • Simone Noll 1y

  • Juergen6363 1y

  • Pavel Bublík 1y

    beautiful !
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