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    Celebrating the close of the Series B financing today.

    Happy Mayan New Year!!! We made it!

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    1. jurvetson 28 months ago | reply

      Ed found one of his favorite wines... which we signed as a memento. The co-founders:


      and the investors... I could not help myself from being just a little bit cheeky.... =)

    2. RRNeal 28 months ago | reply

      "Well, let me give you a saying from Colonel Sanders. I am too drunk to taste this chicken."

    3. js.brain 28 months ago | reply

      Congratulations! French wine?

    4. m.p.moody 27 months ago | reply

      Change the world!

    5. jurvetson 27 months ago | reply

      Oui! Thanks for noticing the top left iconography...

      ...and the Hitchhiker on the top right...? =)

      P.S. if all goes well, here is the updated the Carlson Curve (I added the dashed-line forecast):
      Carlson Curve Updated

    6. m.p.moody 27 months ago | reply

      re: the second Iconography, I suspect the number 42 has some reference to Eve's major goal of achieving a complete personalized human genome for $1000. This would represent a major medical/financial breakthrough. The chart above is flawed oddly though compare to Carlson's version here
      as there are 2 $1 horizontal lines in the one above compared to Carlson's version. What is your source?

      I also found the photo embedded link to the hilarious "Talladega Nights" baby Jesus scene (a must watch for your followers) and fitting with the "Enfant Jesus" wine label. I would call it an Easter Egg, but it's XMAS.

    7. jurvetson 27 months ago | reply

      Good catch. The solid lines are the same as Carlson's but someone made an error converting the scientific notation on the y axis. Each of the labels that lacks a $ in front should be divided by 10. Or better yet, if there is no $ in front, presume the measure is in dimes. =)

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