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A Good Night’s Sleep | by jurvetson
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A Good Night’s Sleep

This hypnogram shows the pattern of my sleep last night. I finally got the strap-on EEG from scifoo to stay on for the night.





Zeo classifies sleep into the broad categories of:





• REM – Essential for mental acuity through organizing memory to better apply what you learn





• Deep – Critical for restoring muscle and building immunity





• Wake – time you were awake after having fallen asleep, including short periods throughout the night





And, rolling it all up, they say I sleep better than 90% of people (ZQ 91) and that my SleepAge is that of a 28 year old.


“Zeo's ZQ sleep score and sleep breakdown are based on actual sleep stage data we get when people sleep with Zeo, including REM and Deep sleep. The information behind Sleep Age comes from the largest consumer sleep database in the world.”


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Uploaded on September 6, 2012