Burning Man Overview

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    360° video montage

    and the collection of photos and vids.

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    1. jurvetson 30 months ago | reply

      cruising in over the Black Rock airport.
      The turboprop needs an engine clean after one landing.

    2. jeany777 30 months ago | reply

      Now we have it all! .... 360° was missing ... Very cool

    3. solerena 30 months ago | reply

      nice one...

    4. Astrocatou 30 months ago | reply

      Looking at that, I cannot help wondering about toilet facilities....
      Fresh water

      And I bet its hot too...

    5. bike-R 30 months ago | reply

      Leave it to the BLM to put a cap on attendance this year, anytime anyone gets a little fun the feds gotta get in and regulate it........................ dailysparkstribune.com/view/full_story/20011742/article-B...

    6. jurvetson 30 months ago | reply

      and they do blatantly illegal search and seizure too... The local police were flabbergasted.

      Their overreaching reminds me of the ATF

      Who do you love?

    7. bike-R 30 months ago | reply

      No SHOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'd use stronger lang but afraid board is modded and don't wanna be in vio of powers that be, yeah, wonder how many spooks and other undercover feds and foreigners were melded intothe masses gathering info on the peeps just having fun and enjoying the festive, atmosphere U wanna talk vio of rights try walking down NYC streets and get searched by NYPD on a daily basis just for HOME land Security www.nyclu.org/issues/racial-justice/stop-and-frisk-practices

    8. -fCh- 30 months ago | reply

      It looks like the vestige of some old amphitheater. Steve, you are well playing with one's sense of time/perception.

    9. jurvetson 27 months ago | reply

      a great time-lapse video from a distance showing the night lights. Make sure it's set to HD playback.

    10. jurvetson 5 months ago | reply

      and a CC remix that just came out on Gigaom showing OpenGarden firechat-burning-man CC Remix

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