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Model S, as imagined by the WSJ | by jurvetson
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Model S, as imagined by the WSJ

“Taken as a whole, seen in the California sun, the Model S is a glowing, glassine tranche of well-heeled wickedness.” — Dan Neil’s eloquent review in the July 6 Wall Street Journal.


The unveiling above shows how Tesla ships the vehicle to whatever destination would make you happy - in this case, some open space lands sparkling in the California sun. The car's air suspension raises it up high for the ride.


Dan approached the car with a skeptical eye as he had just lost a $1M bet with Elon Musk on the ship date for Model S… at 1000:1 odds in his favor, with proceeds going to charity. So, we were a bit anxious to see how objective his review might be....


Dan opens with a comparison to the macho ICE machines:


“People who like fast cars are sensualists. And screaming up through the gears of an Italian sports car—getting that flit and loft in the belly, tasting the saliva of speed—is a pleasurable and addictive sensation. They don't call it dopamine for nothing.


Unfortunately, in a car like a Lambo, other people can hear you being stupid for miles around. At full tilt, those cars are like civil-defense sirens, if civil-defense sirens alerted you to the presence of awful men in gold watches and track suits. It's embarrassing.


But in the dreamily quiet Tesla Model S, when you hit fast-forward, the film speeds up but the soundtrack doesn't really get much louder. The pitch of the electric whine goes up, the suspension sinks down, but compared with an internal-combustion sports car—quaint thing that it is now—this car slips silently as a dagger into triple-digit speed.”


“So, fittingly, it's a spaceship. The Model S is the most impressive feat of American industrial engineering since, well, a couple of months ago, when Mr. Musk's SpaceX successfully launched and recovered a spacecraft that rendezvoused with the international space station.”

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Uploaded on July 8, 2012