Regina Dugan hops from DARPA to Google

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    Seen here in her final days as Director of DARPA, and feeling the pull of the Google boys in the audience.

    “If you don’t have a nerd in your life, you should get one. I’m just saying.”

    “Nerds change the world. If you can remove the fear of failure, the impossible becomes possible.”

    “I often ask: what would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail? It’s a terrifying question actually.”

    “We all have nerd power. Sometimes we just forget.”

    I spoke with her a bit, and she has a keen interest in cortical modeling, quantum computers, syn bio, and ultra-cheap satellites.

    This all jives nicely with the Google Master Plan.

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    1. jurvetson 55 months ago | reply

      Weaponizing Google...
      "DARPA's mission is the prevention of strategic surprise. You have to be excited and uncomfortable at the same time."

      "When we fly at Mach 20, we burn the airfoil as we fly it. The goal is to reach anywhere in the world in 60 minutes."

      Super lightweight metals

      So long and thanks for all the phish

    2. Chucil 55 months ago | reply

      She is amazing! Google is amazing! Ed Lu, an ex-Googler, is amazing. Happy Pi Day!

    3. thepretenda 55 months ago | reply

      She's even wearing a skivvi

    4. solerena 55 months ago | reply

      she had quite a job:

      "impossible, improbable, inevitable" and all this started with sputnik... Wishing her new team only good strategic surprises:)

    5. Happy Tinfoil Cat 55 months ago | reply

      Cool, I think I'll join Google next week.

    6. nhr 55 months ago | reply

      I'm seriously starting to think that I should swap my hyper-conventional pinstripe suit and necktie attire for a black turtleneck and jeans outfit when I talk about vision & strategy (^^;

    7. jurvetson 55 months ago | reply


      It worked for Jobs. =)

    8. jurvetson 55 months ago | reply

      Her TED Talk went online today.

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