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From flickr to The Charlie Rose Show

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Imagine my surprise when I heard that the Charlie Rose show found my photo on flickr and wanted to use it on broadcast TV.

They were interviewing Gordon Moore, co-founder of Intel and seer of exponential trends in technology (“Moore’s Law”). They wanted a photo of Dr. Moore pursuing his passion for fishing, and they found my photo entitled Moore Fish.

Thanks to Larry Lessig and the Creative Commons license for making this so easy. There have been so many cool uses and remixes of my photos ever since I switched from copyright to CC in flickr, including textbooks on lasers, fourth grade geography projects, and a variety of very cool graphic art mash ups from Argentina (one example).

It was a great honor to go salmon fishing with Gordon Moore. I have been thinking and blogging about the next phase of Moore’s Law, the breakthroughs in molecular electronics that will continue what has been a 100 years of exponential growth in computational capability.

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  1. TheAlieness GiselaGiardino²³ 114 months ago | reply

    Hola Gordon!

    Thanks for mentioning my humble tributes too. You even have your own set in my album. =) -gotta link to those pics you have here-. And there´s even a website coming (soon) made up from/with one of your pictures. You are a great contributor to the overall beauty shared worldwide.

    As a friend says... Rock on! ;)

  2. Solitaire1 [deleted] 114 months ago | reply

    "great contributor worldwide"...indeed! both the image taking and the image sharing.Well put Alieness

  3. zenera 114 months ago | reply

    How exciting, your pictures are always so extraordinary, I'm sure they'll be even more saught after. So glad you have joined us CC'ners!

    ..poor fish

  4. complexify. 114 months ago | reply

    Great little coup for Creative Commons, you, and Flickr! (No "CC" logo?) :) I'd echo what Alieness and the others have said about your photos and sharing. Thanks!

    (This also reminded me to add CC licenses to some of my photos!)

    Zenera: I agree! At least the fish is getting his 15 minutes of fame. ;)

  5. sprklg 114 months ago | reply

    It's a great photo.

    I saw Moore give a talk at Caltech in the early 90's.

  6. Automatt 114 months ago | reply

    Nice photo!
    BTW None of your photos now seem to have CC licenses, do you decide for each individual photo or what?

  7. jurvetson 114 months ago | reply

    thanks y'all.... and thanks for the notice automatt. I had asked the system to make all my photos CC a while back... but it appears that I did not have the default set right for new photos.

    For anyone wanting to switch to CC, the page is:
    and you have to click on the "batch select" link to change your currently uploaded photos, AND choose the default for going forward from the pull down.

  8. menlo 114 months ago | reply

    Looks like a $300 usage fee to me but for PBS the 'guilt fee' comes in at around $200.

  9. *ivo* 113 months ago | reply

    Very cool! Congratulations Steve! :D

  10. halcyondreams [deleted] 113 months ago | reply

    Yes, congratulations!!! That must have been fun, actually. Did you reel in any fish, too? Looks like he caught the prize!

  11. jurvetson 102 months ago | reply

    Yes... we all had a good catch.

    Just learned that this photo is also used for the wikipedia entry on Gordon Moore.

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