World “Wife Carry” Championships

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    Each year Finland holds a wife carry competition where the winner earns the “wife’s” weight in beer. Finland keeps trying, but Estonia has won ten years in a row (as of 2007), and has perfected the “Estonian Carry”, seen above in a photo emailed to me. I’m surprised that Greece did not introduce this as a new Olympic event.

    From the BBC: "The couple used the famed "Estonian Carry" where the woman clamps her thighs to the sides of the man's face while hanging upside down on his back. The long-standing wife-carrying competition, which took place in the remote village of Sonkajarvi, a few hours' drive from the Arctic circle, has its roots deep within Finnish tradition... It was apparently also common practice for men to steal women from local villages."

    Perhaps this explains the high Finnish content in my genes.

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    1. k-girl ages ago | reply

      you're right ... it is an amusing shot!

    2. finicky whistle [deleted] ages ago | reply

      gr8 Estonian Carry!
      nice action shot!

    3. HyperBob ages ago | reply

      Dennis Rodman will be at this years competition.

    4. jurvetson ages ago | reply

      That could be very interesting..... I wonder if he will get distracted mid-race...

    5. TheAlieness GiselaGiardino²³ ages ago | reply

      why? Is he known for getting distracted? Has he been caught infraganti with any distraction? Blond or brunette?

    6. localsurfer ages ago | reply

      It's a fine balancing act - if your wife is light, you're more likely to win. But you win less beer...

      If your wife is HUGE...well.

    7. Trajan K ages ago | reply

      Wow Canada took the plunge very badly ....

    8. jurvetson ages ago | reply

      Well, all this outdoor exercise has paid off. I just posted a Canadian video link in the Estonia Group about the recent Estonian Gold Medals... It is quite moving to see the flag waving at the Olympics...

    9. jurvetson ages ago | reply

      What next?

      13 sumo victories in a row.... ;-)

    10. Trajan K ages ago | reply

      yikes ! Is that a gringo sumo ?

    11. HyperBob ages ago | reply

      Three lions on his apron... must be english

    12. overt clam [deleted] ages ago | reply


    13. jurvetson ages ago | reply

      I'm so proud of my peeps... They also won against competition from, of all things, a Sumo wrestler! (BBC News)

      Russia Today (7/9/07) had a – shall we say – unique perspective:
      "The Wife Carrying Championship may be considered to be an ultimate celebration of a couple's devotion to each other. Estonia took both gold and silver at the annual event in Finland."

      2007 video, 2006 video

      P.S. HyperBob - On the Sumo dude, the 3 lions come from the Estonan crest. The Blue-Black-White is the Estonian flag.

    14. jurvetson 114 months ago | reply

      the saga continues.. with Epp Mäe winning the 2009 Gold Medal at the World Games in Taiwan.

      She's small, but fast!

    15. ayaka_suzy 89 months ago | reply

      I am an editor for an international magazine for students in japan. May I use your photo in one of our pages?

    16. solerena 88 months ago | reply

      LOL, funny - ops, i can make one a winner!

      it is fair since larger size wife means more beer... in my case would not be more than 49kg (was this way all my life, starting 14-15) but lifting american mid west wives could result in body injuries for estonians:D
      just kidding... not something i would ever seriously consider.

    17. 58 months ago | reply

      Awesome display of Competitive Spirit. Would be great for our GoPro contest.

    18. jurvetson 47 months ago | reply

      I have to ask the Finns about this whole thing... Finnish TV @ SF City Hall

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