Apollo Portable Life Support System (PLSS)

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    Walking on the Moon...

    Gotta pack for some extravehicular activities!

    1. jurvetson 46 months ago

      PLSS Water Reservoir Recharge instructions
      PLSS Water Reservoir Recharge instructions
      sewn on for a reminder

    2. PhOtOnQuAnTiQuE 46 months ago

      I want one when I got for a walk, to work, to the forest, travelling, to the moon and beyond now !!!! =P Soooo Cool !!!

    3. Astrocatou 46 months ago

      That would make the ultimate backpack.
      Presume this was dumped before return ?

    4. jurvetson 46 months ago

      right, yes, so it's still on the moon. =)

    5. Astrocatou 46 months ago

      Felt a bit twigged by you there...and edited my comments...

      Well...obviously this particular unit seems to be still on earth...unless we took a sofa to the moon.

      The real issue on my mind is what they did and did not "jettison" before leaving.And what they were supposed to leave and did not,etc etc.
      My understanding was that they literally kicked these (heavy) units out the front door,pressurized suits still on from the EVA,then closed the hatch and then repressurized the LM.But did they toss other stuff out...?
      The secondary question would be what they transferred from the LM to the CM besides the rocks...

      Rereading the transcripts,etc,HERE;
      (excellent audio transcripts and video clips as well) ...it gives some answers.
      There is an excellent set of still images as well here.

    6. solerena 46 months ago

      another space dream item:) what is next? walking on a moon:)

    7. Astrocatou 46 months ago

      They also occasionally brought back (parts of) stuff they found already there;

    8. Dr DAD (Daniel A D'Auria MD) 46 months ago

      Wait a minute....you mean it doesn't come standard with the Tesla!!!! I'm going to have to complain before I place my order!

    9. Dr DAD (Daniel A D'Auria MD) 46 months ago

      Don't worry....I'm sure we will see him on Flickr on the moon at some time in the future! Just have to live long enough!

    10. solerena 46 months ago

      :D i want my own walking on a moon pictures too:D

    11. jurvetson 46 months ago

      getting closer..... closer...

      Extra-Vehicular Activity ... Daydreaming

      - no tweaking intended. Just in a playful mood. To clarify, this contractor's unit has not been to the moon. When I have something that has, I try to give lots of detail on that (which mission, etc.)

      I posted the Apollo 16 example of instructions of what to leave behind and what to bring. You are exactly right - most of the exciting gear was left behind to minimize takeoff weight of the ascent module (top half of the LM). And then at docking, only the moon rocks, film, astronauts and some specified items (ear plugs and scissors for example!) are brought across. No moon rocks are in private hands. And this is one reason I am so excited to have a couple of the Apollo 16 Lunar Module. John Young snuck back his COAS and Charlie Duke took the night light.

      Here is the Apollo 16 cabin with it just before leaving the Earth
      Pre-Launch Close-Out Photo Apollo 16

    12. Brad Pennock 46 months ago

      I wanna shop at the store you're buying all this cool stuff from! :-)

    13. Astrocatou 46 months ago

      Yes...it would be fun.
      Quick last note,from the transcript of Apollo 17,on the subject of returned souvenirs;
      (they were putting the fender repaired rover in position to film the liftoff here,just prior to re-entering the LM)

      [Cernan - "I sit here (looking at the picture) and swear that I parked the Rover with the wheels straight. That's the final parking? Well, we're behind the LM and it's about the right distance."]

      [Schmitt - "Why doesn't it have a fender?"]

      [Cernan - "I took it off. Both of them. I took them both home."]

      [At some point before he goes back to the LM, Gene will remove the replacement fender - which is now at the Smithsonian's National Air and Space Museum in Washington. He will also remove the rear section of the left rear fender - which is now on display at the Johnson Space Center's Visitor's Center.]

    14. jurvetson 46 months ago

      and he brought the LRV maps home, and I hooked my friend up with him to buy one! By the late missions, there was much more booty. =)

      I still need to post the info I have on what they brought in their personal kits (collected by NASA after Apollo 15... and never made public before... Neil brought several pieces of the Wright Flyer prop, and John Young brought a bunch of sports memorabilia...=)

    15. Astrocatou 46 months ago

      Maybe someone will sell you a "flown purse"... (!)

    16. rohrsheim 46 months ago

      Love it. That would make you the coolest kid in school. Matching lunchbox?

      I wonder if all this moon gear would be such a curiosity if moon missions were still occurring today?

    17. jurvetson 43 months ago

      well, I do have a small flown purse from Apollo 16... good place to hide a sandwich....

      Goodie Bag

      And I should cross list the Apollo 17 lunar surface checklist with references to the PLSS
      Apollo 17 Lunar Surface Checklist

    18. Astrocatou 43 months ago

      When did you get that...?

    19. jurvetson 43 months ago

      Which? (just trying to anticipate your interests... =)

      And oh boy, I am working it right now. I have a flown LM device in process directly from Gene, two other private transactions, and two auctions coming up this month. Should be fun!

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