Todd's New Tattoo

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    It's always a new surprise when he drops by the office...

    What do you think this is for?

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    1. General Chang 47 months ago | reply

      Wow life is for the living. To be that obsessed (scared) of your eventual death that you feel the need to brand yourself is sad. That said looks totally fake.

    2. jurvetson 47 months ago | reply

      General Chang: that's exactly how I feel about religion. =)

      brianrjackson: the digit is there. I removed a couple digits from the tattoo in iPhoto to provide a sliver of anonymity

      AJolly - well, you know what they say, most tattoos and sex change operations lead to eventual regret. =)

    3. Astrocatou 47 months ago | reply

      I would be more interested in waking up back in time somewhere, than in the future....
      I am looking for a used time machine,at a good price.

    4. vennettaj 47 months ago | reply

      i liked it when they thawed Han Solo :) i guess i just don't see meaning in life taken out of context...but than what do i know about's just my comfort zone...
      already ... i'm very curious about the past too

    5. Alessandro Gentilini 47 months ago | reply

      What does the symbol between "cool" and "ice" mean?

    6. solerena 47 months ago | reply

      cool discussion but if people who would find one's body in Afganistan would not read in English:D got to have tatoo in the right language... yep, tattoos kinda permanent.. ID card in different languages would do just fine... also i am wondering if it is truly possible to freeze and unfreeze somebody and get them back exactly how they were before... and what they would feel... being asleep and having snowflake dreams... hope that my imagination coupled with my sense of humor is getting me in trouble here again:D

      interesting and rather serious topic to play with ... although who said death and or religion are not topics to play with... thankfully, there is no law against it… and from “evolution’s gift of play” perspective… this is how we learn and grow – by playing…not freezing anything into dogmas or popsicles… bodisciles…
      also sex changing subject reminds me “quantum leap” series… when one can jump bodies and ages… or there was one Russian comedy lately when husband and wife woke up and figured that they have traded their bodies…

    7. jurvetson 47 months ago | reply


      - the c with a line over it is prescription-speak for "with"

      Dave & venetta: The past more than the future? How far back? If we went just 2K years back, I think we'd be shocked at the level of general misery, violence and medieval thought. It would be worse than dropping into the most racist, "immoral" and ignorant backwater you can imagine on Earth today.Fun to study, but I wouldn't want to live there.

    8. vennettaj 47 months ago | reply

      in my case it's not rather the past ..not rather the future either..fine with the now ...but would go back 200 or less years may be..grab some fresh produce..bunch furniture ..then go in the future grab my spaceship..and that's about it..
      i would also spend some time writing ...with a pen

    9. Astrocatou 47 months ago | reply

      I was thinking around 1930...(!!)
      Hard to say exactly..
      Not something I really dwell on much...but I love reading about the past....seems like so much change went on from 1930 to 1950...both good and bad.
      Unlike I would bring enough $$ backwards with me to enjoy reverse inflation.

      I am not even going to touch the subject of cryopreservation..
      Not sure how my kids (if I had any) would feel about the $$ costs,estate/inheritance aspects of it all though.

    10. Pieces of Eye 47 months ago | reply

      If this works out he has to find a robot friend named Bender.

    11. solerena 47 months ago | reply

      yep, the medieval thought was scary... they would burn me as witch in middle ages:D so I am not in a hurry to get there…

      ha, vennetaj - i would go for furniture shopping during revolutions... right, could get some antiques from the palace for free:D assuming that one will survive the ordeal...

    12. nhr 47 months ago | reply

      > ça jette un froid ..
      > ( sorry the joke works only in French)

      Works in English too.
      That cryopreservation talk casts a chill, and stops the conversation, er, dead


      > ha, vennetaj - i would go for furniture shopping during revolutions...
      > right, could get some antiques from the palace for free :D

      I understand many of the ruffians who helped themselves with the jewelry and furniture at the Garde-Meuble were later caught and guillotined

    13. vennettaj 47 months ago | reply

      solerena..dh already suggested i wasn't planning to pay ;)

      nhr...if i saw that necklace somewhere within a reach..somebody had to help me let

    14. Jim Rees 47 months ago | reply

      With advances in medical technology he could live for another 100 years. At the time he dies, will anyone remember what an 800 number is? Will heparin still be around, and will we still be measuring it in IUs? Will English still be widely understood?

    15. MattJhsn 45 months ago | reply

      I heard cryopreserving the head is the cheaper option, gotta get the best deal. It would be quite the experience waking up with someone else's body attached. Maybe they are planing on waiting until an android body is feasible as life support for the head. Maybe "growing" another Todd from a few latent cells is a closer reality!

    16. MaxM7 43 months ago | reply

      A temporary tattoo might be a good option for some people signed up for cryopreservation. I wouldn't want a permanent tattoo myself. A tat, temporary or not, might also appeal to those who don't like wearing either the neck tag (the nickel in which causes my skin to break out) or the loose wrist chain. Fortunately, Alcor now offers a smarter and more comfortable black wrist band.

    17. kennita0728 43 months ago | reply

      Definitely add the 8 to the end of the phone number!

    18. teslathemothgod 37 months ago | reply

      Good luck Todd!

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