Al Jazeera Rally

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    Wadah Khanfar, the head of Al Jazeera, shares an optimistic view of the latest uprisings in the Arab world.

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    “We are banned from Tunisia for years. But the people are our journalists.”

    “And then people began to wonder: How could we imagine a future that is magnificent, and peaceful and tolerant.”

    “The corrupt elite have lost even the power of deception. They have been detached from their people, and now we are seeing them collapsing one after another.”

    “This is a great story. This is history in the making.”

    He is Director General.

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    1. heet_myser 38 months ago | reply

      "How could we imagine a future that is magnificent, and peaceful and tolerant.”

      I do hope that's the future that unfolds in those places.

    2. pawelre 38 months ago | reply

      americans printing money >> rising food, commodities prices >> unrest in poor countries... this situation is hunger driven and not about dictators, lack of democracy etc., these people do not want democracy, they're not used to it.. they want another dictator who will feed them

    3. Eppie 38 months ago | reply

      (My reply was erased. Just so you know. It wasn't you who did that? I don't have the energy to rewrite it. Let's just say I was very moved by the talk, the energy, the hope, the excitement. And the young educated people all around the world who are bring renewed hope to humanity.)

    4. jurvetson 38 months ago | reply

      I did not delete anything. Did you see your post successfully show up? If not, it could be an innocent burp. If so, and it subsequently disappeared, then that's very spooky.

    5. Eppie 38 months ago | reply

      Oh, Ok. Guess it was an innocent burp, then. :-) Hasn't happened to me before.

    6. rass999 denis laframboise 38 months ago | reply

      Thanks so very much for this one Steve.


    7. vennettaj 37 months ago | reply

      on Eppie's comment...i just tried 4 times in a raw to post a comment on my didn't show any message that it can't be posted..looked like it worked ..and then it wasn't there.. so it happens the posts look deleted..

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