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    Exactly 1/10th of a Keeper.

    I grew up with cats, but then there was a lapse as I have not had a cat since sweet little Maggot, the feral cat Kenneth and I snuck into our dorm in college.

    Across 23 cats growing up, my memory is that they self-regulated their food intake, and only one became particularly large. Now Keeper balloons to 15 lbs. in 10 months, and when I look online, I see that there is an obesity epidemic in American cats. I presume the food industry has done the same thing for cats as humans. I think back to the old TV ads showing a cat preferring one food to another, like the Pepsi challenge for felines. After years of competition, the most addictive formulation prevails.

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    1. Astrocatou 39 months ago | reply

      Cute !
      My cat ate nothing but "Meow Mix" for 18 happy years.....which I found rather amazing.
      Never got bored with it.
      I hate to think what supplements were hunted down in the garden though.

    2. TheAlieness GiselaGiardino²³ 39 months ago | reply

      She kind of looks like you... strange to explain how, tho.

    3. Mo, In The 415 39 months ago | reply

      She looks completely irritated about being on the scale... but definitely still squish-able and very, very cute.

    4. vennettaj 39 months ago | reply

      aww..staying awake takes some concentration..adorable

    5. !MimosaMicheMichelle! 39 months ago | reply

      She looks like a future Queen with her very feline and determined eyes. Watch out Keeper. I see many meowing arguments in the future as to who is in charge in this house.

      Snowflake is a good name. Will she live up to the lightness it suggests? Looking forward to many more updates.

    6. solerena 39 months ago | reply

      pretty name and admire her little face, whiskers, amazing eyes and the especially the nose... and the nose kinda looks Estonian... and the rest is Ragdoll... oh, she is already a queen:) Cats always think that they are in charge...

    7. jurvetson 39 months ago | reply

      True, true...

      morning stretch!


    8. louv 39 months ago | reply

      So sorry. You can no longer send him via Third Class mail. Please use FedEx overnight to deliver him to me. kthxbai.

    9. Tomi Tapio 39 months ago | reply

      Makes for an artistic shot!

    10. Todd Baker 39 months ago | reply

      Does he realize he's probably stretching on his cousin?

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