Google Satellite Test

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    The RocketMavericks launch event ended on Saturday with the Android phone launch in James Dougherty's Intimidator-5 with a Cesaroni thermoplastic N4100 motor that screamed up to 28K feet under 1000 lbs of thrust.

    The Nexus1 phone controlled the onboard video capture. They want to take it to space.... This HTC phone has a better processor than many satellites, and decent sensors and gyros. They already know it works in a vacuum. This test was for the g-forces and temperature cycles of rocketry.

    Here is the video it captured, and here with a a cool data overlay

    The thermal swirls in this photo reminded me of the resident watercolor artist's renditions.

    Oh, and I am reminded of an earlier flickr discussion... Conquering space is an early milestone in the Google Master Plan.

    An earlier test brought the phone back to the playa in a ballistic crash. More photos below.

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    1. jurvetson 75 months ago | reply

      Rob and James prepare the Clotho Payload with NASA biosampling module and Google phone.
      PhoneSat testing Sh-sh-sh-shattered.
      The first google phone after ballistic reentry… Still under warranty?

    2. jurvetson 75 months ago | reply

      Ah, after they get this satellite thing working... it's just a hop over to "orbital mind control":

      Google Master Plan (frame 2)

    3. Neil Zone 75 months ago | reply

      Haha great flowchart!
      Cool pics too - it all looks really interesting :-)

    4. Happy Tinfoil Cat 75 months ago | reply

      Needs some radiation hardening ;^)

    5. drona 75 months ago | reply

      Brilliant! Posted to my Facebook page!

    6. Astrocatou 75 months ago | reply

      great video...!!

    7. rocketmavericks 75 months ago | reply

      You can find more about Mavericks research and STEM education programs on our website:

      It was a pleasure to have the privilege of flying the Google smartphones.
      Given my personal history in the valley of pioneering the smartphone, I thought it was really cool to make a satellite out of them.

    8. avmaier 75 months ago | reply

      Google satellite?!? I am blown away.

    9. solerena 75 months ago | reply

      First step in google space program:)?

    10. motorbikematt 75 months ago | reply

      You can learn a bit more about this rocket launch at the MakeZine Blog and among some comments at NASAWatch.

    11. SherlockMac 75 months ago | reply

      good stuff ...

    12. jafrado 75 months ago | reply

      Wait till you see the next one we do. Just cleaned up the rocket today, she's tip-top and ready for another flight.

    13. jurvetson 75 months ago | reply

      Cool. That was an awesome launch...

      Thanks Matt. WIRED also liked my photos...

    14. Dabbler 34 months ago | reply

      Very cool! What will be the power source? I have to charge my smartphone every night ;)

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