Gray Wolves

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    Successfully reintroduced to Yellowstone in 1995, after a 70-year absence.

    This grand ecological experiment triggered a trophic cascade, resulting in more ducks.

    Wolves thin the elk population, allowing more saplings to grow to maturity, providing more wood for the beavers, making more wetland for the ducks, and shading the river for trout populations.

    The wolves are a keystone species in this ecosystem.

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    1. Astrocatou 58 months ago | reply

      imported from Canada,I may add...

    2. PhOtOnQuAnTiQuE 58 months ago | reply

      Magnifique visage et regard de ce loup !

      Met with someone last month, working in the Alps-mountain here in France , and was telling me a cool story about gray wolves :

      Wolves were actively hunted and killed in France during a large part of the 19th century, and became extinct in the country by the 1930's. Having once disappeared from France, wolves have now re-entered across the mountains from Italy, and are becoming established in the maritime Alps, in the Mercantour Parc.
      (This has caused an ongoing battle between environmentalists and French sheep farmers who blame the wolf for loss of livestock).
      The estimated size of the wolf population in Mercantour is around twenty or so with the main pack comprising of eight wolves.

      The most important point for him, was that they re-entered by them-self.

    3. Happy Tinfoil Cat 58 months ago | reply

      I just want to pet those cuties

    4. tifotter 58 months ago | reply

      I am all for more ducks.

    5. jimmphillips 58 months ago | reply

      Steve.....Next time I host you in Memphis, you need to meet friend Sam the Sham. "Lil Red Riding Hood." #1 song.......wolf........get it? :-)

    6. Dr DAD (Daniel A D'Auria MD) 58 months ago | reply

      Beautiful animals. Nice shot.

    7. RRNeal 58 months ago | reply

      "This grand ecological experiment triggered a trophic cascade, resulting in more ducks."

      Outstanding! Reminds me of E.O. Wilson.
      Ref. The Diversity of Life , 1992, Harvard University Press, ISBN 0-674-21298-3

    8. msamaclean © 58 months ago | reply

      I know a lot of humans put up a big fight against this, but we did the right thing! Aren't they beautiful!

    9. mikescottnz 5 months ago | reply

      When wolves were reintroduced to Yellowstone National Park in the United States after being absent nearly 70 years, the most remarkable “trophic cascade” occurred. What is a trophic cascade and how exactly do wolves change rivers? George Monbiot explains in this movie remix by Sustainable Man.
      Read More:

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